New Feature Announcement: Activity Feed

We have added another feature that would make it easy for users to stay informed about the status of their submissions. You will see a notification icon on top of your page which will take you to your activity feed.

This feed will show you any recent activities on your contest submissions. For example, if a contest holder rates any of your entries, you will see this in your feed. Also, if you receive bonus or win any contests, you will see that in your feed as well. Hopefully you will find this feature useful.


This is excellent! Thank you Dan and SH!


Awesome! Thank you. So much easier.

Ooh, great idea! Like this one a lot! Thank you.

@Dan- I Just saw the red bell & used it- Sweet. BUT- after the first few, my submissions are showing “doublenames” for one dot com… & I think there may need to be a way for us to pick settings- (or we will be swamped!) I’m not in many contests right now- and I’m seeing a ton show up. Maybe folks could pick how many star rates they would like to see? (like 3 & above, for ex.)?

OOps! I must have missed the “Activity” & “Ratings” filters when I first looked-- Thanks for that feature. Now- is there a way we can delete replies from here? (Or have I missed it?) Sorry if it is a different topic.