New Feature: Additional Marketplace Exposure on Partner Websites

We are pleased to announce an additional exposure opportunity for Premium Marketplace listings.

Third Party, White Label Catalogs

Companies can now include our entire premium domain catalog within their own websites, with their own branding.

We have begun partnering with several branding agencies, Venture Capital funds, Accelerators and other service providers in the startup ecosystem to add this catalog to their own websites.

Squadhelp will handle all aspects of purchase, customer service and payment collection. We will also pay a commission to our partners for any sales originating from their websites.

We believe this feature will provide even more exposure to your premium listings by directly getting your domains in front of startups who visit these partner websites.

You do not need to take any action to enable this feature. However if you do not wish to include your names in third party websites, you can opt-out of this feature from your Seller Preferences page

Please note that by opting into this feature, your names will also be visible in any White-label websites that are setup by Marketplace sellers (if they choose to promote the entire catalog in their white-label website)


Thank you SH. This is indeed a very good feature and will definitely help exposure to domains and at the same time those who do not want to be included can opt out easily. Great Work.


This is so creative and I love love love it!


Great feature addition! Hope it brings in more sales! :heart_eyes: How many such websites currently @grant?


Super awesome :grinning:
Thank you!


I’d like to include my listings in SH’s third-party promotions, but I would also l like the option not to include my domains in other people’s WLM.

To me, the latter encourages other sellers to market my domains outside of the WLM and this could create problems.

Please offer the option to participate in third-party catologs but not other SH-seller owned WLMs.

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