New Feature: Ability to select favorite Logo designer

We are pleased to announce a new benefit that will allow Marketplace sellers to select their favorite Logo Designer for their Marketplace Logo designs.

Here is a detailed article about this new benefit:

Please note that this feature is currently available to Gold or Platinum sellers.


So pity that this feature is only available to coin payers!


This is sweet. I wish I knew who designed some of my favorite logos in my portfolio. But it is great to see samplings of their portfolios. Thanks for doing this. It is going to be VERY hard to choose!


Will be also great if you can somehow make the designers read instructions. In my case quite often (almost every time) they decide to completely ignore instructions, or they simply don’t read them. The end result is poor quality logos that lack originality and have little in common with domain description and classification. What I am talking about is even more valid with logos for standard listings. When I order a logo design I give instructions to designer. They don’t read them, so it feels like I am talking to myself. Once the logo is completed it has nothing in common with my idea. Not to mention that some logos look like somebody made them for 3 minutes on MS Paint.

Otherwise I am very happy for Gold and Premium sellers. :slight_smile: