New Essential Training From The Squadhelp Branding Team - Business and Brand Name Ideas 101

Hi Creative Community,

We are excited to share with you a new training video on how to create name ideas for Squadhelp clients.

Our branding team has compiled knowledge from contest-winning names, marketplace finding, as well as their extensive work with clients to create 30 minutes of essential training to help you create more names that people will Like and Love.

Our focus for this training is to (1) give you more tools for brainstorming excellent name ideas, (2) supply strategies for creating a large breadth and variety of ideas, (3) and provide very practical tips on what to avoid when creating name ideas.

We truly believe that this is essential training, and we hope that you spend time watching the video and going through the activities outlined within. Here are two worksheets to have open while watching the new video:

The number one thing we hear from our clients is that they want more non-descriptive names – these are metaphoric, symbolic, visual, emotive, and story-driven names – and this video will provide tools to help you create more of these coveted names.

Watch Business and Brand Name Ideas 101 - Essential Training now!

We’d love to hear your feedback once you’ve finished the training.

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WOW, that is genuinely really useful!

I’ve gone through most of it, just listening, but I will actually go through it again and follow your instructions this time :smiley:

Thanks @grant. Nice to ‘see’ you too :sunny:


Thanks Grant, very helpful, especially tips for describing the name to the CH.

Excellent thank you very mucn