New Early Access Feature Added!


Points are used to determine how many submissions you can enter in a contest. Also you used to be able to highlight BEST ENTRIES in abandoned contests and I believe you still can. This costs points. So I still wonder, do points affect percentages? @Dan


Points are not linked to Percentile Score

Points are calculated independently, using points for early contest access will not have any impact on your percentile score. Currently you can use points for two things:

  1. Early access to contest

  2. Highlighting best entries

If you have earned enough points, creatives have the ability to add comments in contest pages. In the future, we will be announcing additional ways to use your points on our platform!



@RachelSH I think using 25points for an early entry is quite a lot! Even if you have thousands of points, you can burn through them faster than you can ever imagine. Especially when you’re on an idea roll and the CH isn’t feeling the vibe. About two weeks ago, I had over 18k points, as I write this piece, it’s down to 9k. Now, the thing is this, it took me months to rack up those points and now I can’t even submit entries on a whim anymore cos I don’t want my points to be further decimated. I have won quite a number of contests where my whimmy entry wins so I actually know what I’m saying. I have this feeling that Squadhelp will end up at the receiving end of this cos potential creatives will boycott this site like crazy!!! And it doesn’t make sense when the same creatives with the same ol ideas win every time with no opportunity for newbies to bring fresh ideas and thinking to the site. What if I’m down to a thousand points? I’ll eventually get bored and just walk away right? Is that supposed to be the idea behind it? Infact, mathematically speaking, it doesn’t make any sense to use 25points in order to get 20points for a like especially when there are no guarantees that you’ll eventually win. Except of cos you get a LOVE, you make 5points profit.:blush:. I feel like what I’ve built over the past few months is crumbling like a sack of potatoes right now. I think the points used for early access should be reduced down to 15, that way we can build it up back again if our entries are LIKED or LOVED! Peace!


I totally agree with you and have voiced the same opinion. At one time I was boasting about this sight to all my friends. Now, I am rapidly losing interest because of the early access feature


Promann, I have just over 95,000 points and unless I think of something so obviously fitting that it just can’t wait, have no intention of using points for early access contests. Just on principle.


5 points for entering new contest, 20 points for a like. You break even :slight_smile: