New Early Access Feature Added!


I’m not really sure there is any advantage to entering a contest in the first 3 hours. This morning, I woke up to a contest today that already has 500 entries and no ratings and that is how it is for me most of the time. I’m sure everyone has dealt with this because of time zones. And the contests from yesterday that I know were impacted by the 3 hour delay only have about 100 more entries than they did after 3 hours yesterday. A limit of 5 entries is probably a good idea, but I know a lot of creatives hardly ever use their limit anyway, especially if you’ve been around a little while, unless you feel like you are on some kind of roll. I’ve never kept track of how I do in early contest entries over later ones. What I do know is that I have over 30 contests on my watch list that I thought I was in the running for that have just sat there for a long time. I would love to see if that list gets shorter.

I do think that the really short contests should have a different timeline. Once in a while we get those 24 hour contests.

I do agree with a lot of people about contestants that have been around a long time who have won a lot of contests who should have a the opportunity to enter as well. I hope this all gets worked out.


Thanks very much Laura. I feel bad that people feel so bad while at the same time seeing this differently because so often I enter contests late in the game just because of my regular work. I really hope that others who are able to enter early (for the moment, because you never know when your ratings will slide) will look at this and talk about their perspectives, too.


I am already restricted to 5 entries per contest and now this…Come On!..This feature is really discouraging and it will be more discouraging when you trying to come up with a name but you find out that its already submitted and they have later won that won that contest with the same name.In some of the .contests its mostly those creatives who enter first that have higher ratings and or any rating at all.I really hate it…


I dont Know Why but in my case its even worse ,I have to wait 6 hours before entering a contest…its just ridiculous…


First of all, I would like to thank everyone for sharing your feedback and concerns. I would also like to take this opportunity to share our perspective. This change, like many other changes was done after a careful planning and after analyzing past contests, especially abandoned contests. Here is some additional information that might provide a better context for this change:

  1. Based upon our analysis, the first 6 hours of contest are extremely crucial in setting a positive direction for a contest. Many CHs decide to stay engaged with a contest if they find that the entries they receive in the first few hours are at a level of quality that justifies their ongoing time commitment. On the other hand, if many entries received during the first 6 hours are of low quality, it is likely that the CH would not be as engaged during the rest of the contest, which leads to higher contest abandonment.

  2. To illustrate this issue, here are some entries submitted in a recent abandoned contest during the first few hours:

If a CH receives dozens of these types of entries, that are “non brandable”, they will likely lose interest, even though some other creatives submitted higher quality entries during the exact same duration.

The reason to put these limits is to ensure that the contests are setup for a higher level of CH engagement during a critical time that can lead to abandonment in future.

3.The percentile score is based upon significant level of statistical analysis and while it may not be a perfect metric, we strongly believe that this important metric is fundamental to our platform’s goal to prioritize quality or quantity. If you have a 80% or higher percentile score, it is highly likely that you have found a way to connect with most contest holders by providing them names they appreciate. On the other hand, if you have a lower percentile score, it doesn’t mean that your names are of bad quality, it just means that they haven’t connected as much with the CHs, compared to some other creatives. If the percentile score is below 60-65%, it is likely that you need to change your submission approach and perhaps submit less number of names that are well researched.

Some of you have expressed concerns that a newbie can get lucky and achieve 90%+ percentile score. Please note that the percentile score is only calculated after a person has participated in several contests, and has demonstrated a consistent level of rating pattern across many contests. So if you just get one “Love it” in your first contest, it does not mean you will get a high percentile score.

Within the next 24 hours, we will be making a change to allow all users to participate in the contests during the “Early Access” period by using your points. If you have a percentile score of 80% or higher, you do not have to use your points to participate at any time. If you have a percentile score of 70% - 80%, you can join a contest during the first 3 hours by using your points. If you have a percentile score of less than 70 - 80%, you can join a contest during the first 6 hours by using your points. If you have been a successful creative on our platform for some time, it is likely that you have accumulated a large number of points. You will now have the ability to utilize those points to join contests even if your percentile score is below 80%.

Tu summarize, we believe this change will result in lower contest abandonment, higher CH participation and ensure that a higher number of contests are successful. We will closely monitor this change for next several weeks, and will continue to make changes to improve our platform.


Unpopular opinion of the day:

The idea of less entries early on is good. As to not overwhelm CH. The idea of the best quality entries coming first is also good, this will hopefully get CH more engaged from the start. So I like this idea overall.

You can’t please everyone all the time. But it does make sense to cater to CH’s, they are the paying customers.

Change isn’t always bad. They will let this run it’s course and see if it makes a positive impact for the CH user experience.

I think if they can get these CH’s engaged, it will yield better results for us as creatives.

As for the criteria, it’s based on the past 6 months of ratings. However, maybe they will make an additional criteria option if you’ve won 20+ contests. Food for thought.


lol I really wish my comment would have appeared before Dans. I never saw it while I was typing.


the easy access feature make it really hard for creatives who are really trying to improve their ratings. I’ve already tried to submitt three entries into a contest that were already submitted this morning


More recently, I typically don’t have an opportunity to enter contests on the first day they are posted. In rare instances when I get free time, I get to participate on the day they open, but for the most part, I sort contests by what is ending first and submit an entry typically with less than a day left in the contest. While I miss several contests and some of my entries are never seen, I still do pretty well with wins. I don’t think that the 3-hour wait should inhibit your creativity at all. I do run into names already being submitted, but I guess it wasn’t that unique if another creative thought of the very same name.

I think using the points to get in early is a great idea! My rating slipped under 80% at one point in time. It didn’t mean I was a bad namer. It just meant that I was missing the mark with contest holders for a while.

I still think that limiting entries for everyone to just 5 on the first day is a good idea. That will give the contest holder time to evaluate the smaller list of names, rate them, and then give us more direction on what they want. I’ve seen some contestants give 20-30 names in one contest. I think the contest holder needs to give us more direction before we can plug in 20+ names. Entering 5 names give creatives the opportunity to submit a straight forward name, a mashup name, a made up name, an off the wall name, and their “signature” name first and see how the contest holder responds.


I totally agree with the 5 points per creative solution. It just seems fair and solves the issues for the ch being overwhelmed. It would seem that they are informed about how these contests work and could work out their own strategies of going thru entries. Especially if they can halt the contest to “catch up” on ratings, etc. This is a competitive contest for all and it really feels like it should stay on a level playing field.


i like this xD, cause i really did see one of them who won hundreds and really good, but at the moment have percentile less than 80% :(, i do think that they be like “michael schumacher or valentino rossi version of SH” lol.


Right?! :smile: There’s a lot of competition 'round heah


wow you guys have said it all…i believe majority of us here prefer the entries being limited to 5 per creatives in the first 4 to 6 hours of a contest, this will not only help the CH to think through the entries better but also help us creatives think much more creatively before giving an entry. i believe through this means also new creatives will learn to discover themselves easily and rapidly…instead of putting them on hold for hours…but since @Dan already added that creatives with less than 80% will be allowed to use their points. i guess its a WIN WIN.


This is one of the worst changes ever made.


Agree…worst change ever!!


The problem stems from the very root, which is the % rating. Many may disagree, but I think this is useless. On any given day, ANY individual has the potential to submit a winning entry. It doesn’t matter if that person is a newbie or an experienced participant. It also doesn’t matter how many entries that individual has submitted - I have won contests in which I submitted ONE entry, and others where I have submitted MANY entries. I now find myself getting discouraged, and not even wanting to participate in contests that I am “shut out” of due to my current low rating. Imagine how a newbie would feel! They will probably say, heck with this BS, and would be turned off by the whole concept. I know this is true, since several relatives have recently signed up and told me that is why they abandoned trying. It just isn’t conducive to creativity.


I agree totally with the early limitations for EVERYONE! I also think EVERYONE should be able to submit early entries!


Point One : I bypass anything that says I am not eligible, whether it means by use of my points for entry or not. Point Two : I COULD potentially flood a CH with multiple entries at anytime in the contest, not just at the beginning so a restraint at the beginning on behalf of a creative is unnecessary. Point Three : If the restraint is on behalf of the CH (allowing time for study and/or options for more feedback), ALL creatives should be treated equally. Creative minds, whether in toddler stages or as a seasoned professional, can pull a winning name at any time. Point Four : I am still indecisive about the creative’s percentages, I don’t take stock in the numbers but then again, I am not a CH. The numbers seem to be a lure for lemmings … follow the pack and pick the high score … something that I never do. Maybe we need to find a different type of drum for those who choose a different type of march.


Here’s another question for @Dan…Do points contribute to the ratings? If so, wouldn’t using points to enter an early contest result in the percentage scores going down, which would in turn require more points to enter additional contests due to the low percentage? Not sure if I’m making any sense.


Points don’t affect percentile rating in any way. All they are useful for (At the moment) is to enter early access contests.