New Early Access Feature Added!


lol @ Commulinks---- I didn’t see yours until just now! It’s good to know someone else thinks the same. It just seems it would be easier for everyone all around. Less stress in both sides :smile:


This new feature has made me sad. I am not eligible for early access, so it kind of leaves me with the feeling of been left out. : (


Yep…Hate it, hate it, hate it!!!


Not sure if I was clear…HATE IT!!


I see the benifit of limiting the onslaught of entries, i agree not the best solution, But if your gonna stick with it I at least propose it restricts those with less than 6 months EXPERIANCE , because if your fairly new and happen to get a few good ratings they get skewed into this elite category lower the percentage to 70% and must have a 6 month track record


Well I’m not happy about this new feature. I’m relatively new, and spend a lot of time thinking up names, but sometimes a name comes to me very soon. I want to put it out there for CHs to see and hopefully rate. A lot of CHs don’t give enough feedback or their briefings are ridiculously vague. You need to be able to test what they may like. Why not limit EVERYONE to two entries and THEN make us all wait for ratings or further feedback from CHs? This new feature is incredibly discouraging. I might be a peace-out!


That’s a good idea @seezall …or the person who said limit everyone to five entries…

They already have the new PAUSE in place, so I have missed out on many contests that way as well. UGH…


I agree,Seez! I think experience and track record should count for more.


I don’t think early access is fair to creatives like me who are putting their heart into these contests but still don’t have high enough ratings to get early access. Sometimes I received likes that got turned by the ch into no thank yous which has lowered my rating. Also I have a few likes in contests that have been closed a long time and no winner has been picked. I really try to follow what the ch wants in their briefs but sometimes the winner of their contest is someone who took a risk and submitted an entry that doesn’t follow the brief.


Ratings ascend, ratings plunge. One day you have a higher percentage and able to enter all contest. The next day you have to wait few hours. Hmmm, so while waiting you have your names ready to submit when it opens. Just to find that many of the names you’ve come up with have already been submitted by someone else while Waiting! Back to the drawing board. Discouraging! My question is Why the heck does anyone need 20 - 30 - 40 entries anyway. Limit everyone to 5, give extra for high ratings. Now there’s a fear of entering any names after the first sad face! I don’t get on this board but this one has my blood pressure up. I’m with @jackieheraty


Before I write this, I want to ask fellow creatives to please don’t hate me. I have a perspective on this change that may change some of your minds on this new change. Full disclosure: I am able to participate in early entries right now. So today, I participated in a few contests that were affected. It was a slow day on SH today, BTW.

Here is what my experience was and some things you have not considered yet. I get a whole lot of orange faces on early contest entries as CHs try to figure it out what heck they want. I would wager that a lot of my entries and others as well could be names you would think of as well. I took the orange faces on those. When you get there, you won’t. You will have the opportunity to read the CHs comments that are made after they have seen early entries and they figured out they forgot to tell us not to use specific words, etc.

I found that the CHs were much more participatory today. They provided feedback, which is valuable to everyone.

There are many…many times I don’t get into contests until even days after they are posted. I find those to be personal challenge to me to try and come up with something that 150 other people have not thought of already. It makes me do fewer entries.

I feel like we need to give this more time and if you are a creative that has not been able to make progress, go back to older contests where you did not succeed that are still open and try to come up with newer ideas. Try to improve your entries/ratings. You never really know when you are going to get on a roll.

Sure, I don’t know if I would say this if my score was under 80%. But I like to challenge my own self and I’m not even that happy with my 83%.

Anyway, this is not meant to diss anyone. Just a perspective after doing this today and thinking about some potential benefits that have not been discussed.


Exactly what Holly said. Without any changes or editing. Seriously, that was perfectly stated. I want to cry :sleepy:


I’m already so discouraged I’ve taken my low percentage talent elsewhere.


You wont be at the top as always, when u’re in a descending trend,u will feel “being in someone else’s shoes” . Nah then u might have different prespective :D…


I feel your pain as I came back to a contest with some “Aha moment” refined ideas based on Contest Holder ratings/feedback and It was Paused.


Thanks, Shommy…hopefully all will work out.Best of luck,dear…you are a great namer whom I admire.


I’m not happy with this as I’ve been on SH for over 2 years now and won many contests but my rating doesn’t stand the test this time. With all us creatives who have been on here for a long time, won many contest and now are we are restricted to enter new contests because our rating is low, is a low blow to us, when newbies come in with no wins and serm to have a higher rating and get to enter first. More and more restrictions makes this place an unhappy place to be on, when it was more fun before. So many contest are coming in everday and now we have to wait, because our rating is low. The longer I’ve been on here the better my names have gotten and now I’m restricted to enter nee contests. I’m not liking this one bit. I need a break from this BS. Not a happy camper as I once was on here.


Thank you Holly, and you too. I agree with mostly everyone that “privileges” ought to be determined by seniority and naming capability over time. The new system actually favors lucky newer creatives. My 66 wins as of Tuesday are dwarfed by someone like Jackie’s (she has well over 100! And should get to submit early if anyone does!) I have about 94,000 points; so someone who joined in October and has had a lucky streak gets in the contests first? I’m not online 24/7 so sometimes it wouldn’t matter anyway. It’s the principle, which it seems most of us are agreeing on. My voice joins most of yours.



I think most of us can agree to disagree in a gracious manner. You’ve set the example in such a way. I’ve always appreciated your comments as they’re very instructive and you have such a humble spirit about it as well.

I agree with a few points of yours such as go back to the older contests to improve on, but I swing more in the allow 5 names for the first 3 hours idea that one of the other creatives suggested.

I look forward to more of your suggestions!!


or even 50-60% you get 1 60-70% you get 2 and so on…