New Early Access Feature Added!

We are excited to share with you a new feature that has been added to Squadhelp contests!!

We value all of our creatives and know how hard you work at submitting your best entries. We would like to provide additional benefits to our creatives who have achieved high rankings in our platform.

  • Starting tomorrow, our contests will have an “Early Access” feature. When a contest is launched, it will be only open to those creatives who have a percentile score of 80% or higher. After 3 hours, it will be open to all creatives.

  • We will monitor this feature for some time, and might make additional changes such as allowing points to enter contests early, or opening the contest to the next set of creatives (70% or higher) for the next 3-6 hours.

We notice that several contest holders get overwhelmed if they get too many entries immediately after launching their contest. In some cases, creatives have entered contests seconds after they are live, and submit names without taking the time to read the brief or details. This new feature will help regulate the inflow of entries so that contest holders can better manage their contests, giving them more opportunities to give feedback and ratings.

As always we appreciate your participation and feedback!


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That is really cool!!! Thanks Team SH!!!

I’m not sure if this is fair to all regarding abandoned contests. As many CH’s only rate at the very beginning, which means all those that enter later won’t have a chance. It doesn’t effect me right now but with the onslaught of sad faces it may in the future. But, than again I never win an abandoned contest either.


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well creatives with less percentage already have limitation with their entries, and now more limitations.Pressure is good, but when its too much pressure will it increase the creativity level?
i know one of creative that has precentile with around 70% yet win hundreds of contest, and the quality of the ideas also good,and 3 hours is long, so for me its not fair anough. hmm


Sorry, I think this blows…yet another constriction.


The percentile rating system has some serious flaws especially when it is used as basis for a more important change like this one. Many new creatives have high percentile ratings regardless of contest wins and proven Squadhelp veterans may have percentile ratings a bit below 80% because they have participated in more contests and for longer periods becoming subject to more low ratings. This problem could be solved if veterans (Those with many contest wins over a long period but percentile slightly below 80%) were also allowed early access.

This system is also highly inflexible. Squadhelp is a hobby or an alternate stream of income for most of us creatives, as we have a regular job or other family/personal tasks to tend to that limit our schedule, so we would all like to enter contests at our leisure. Should a creative be worrying more about entering names that fit the contest or minutiae like when they will be able to enter a specific contest?

Also if number of early entries is a problem, how about limiting number of total entries an individual creative can submit in the first few hours? A more equitable solution?


I like the idea of limiting the amount of entries at the beginning of the contest , some contestants get in 25+ entries off the bat, without even knowing what the CH wants sorry thats land Grabbing which i think is the main reason CHs get overwhelmed,


I concur. Perhaps limit the number of entries allowed in the first 3 hours for ALL creatives to 5. That way the contest holder isn’t inundated with entries, but all creatives have fair access to a contest when it opens.


Yes and it can be called the “Early access phase”. Maybe with an option for the contest holder to turn it off he feels that he can handle more rating load.

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Does seem more fair and balanced (fyi i am above 80) have the most problems when i see some have subbed 35 entries in the first hour ,

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While I appreciate what the thought is behind this…I have an issue with it too. I agree with what has been said about ratings…while of course if you have ratings in the 40’s…you probably have not honed your naming skills to what they probably should be…but as I brought up before in past forums, and someone else did here too…the rating system as it stands is not always a clear indicator as to if you are a good namer or not.

Since the goal is to provide winning names the CH likes, and let’s be honest… the creative and SH to make money…then the contests someone has won is just as valuable of an indicator (if not more) than what scores the CH gives. My point being as and others have mentioned before…that some CH’s rate almost everything negatively…or bounce around on the ratings,first a love it ,then a rejection, then an on the right track etc.So if your name was a love it at one time then gets rejected…it didn’t suddenly turn into a bad name.Plus some have said…they have actually won contests with rejected names.The rating system is somewhat flawed.

Not only that…I have had many contests I have won where I didn’t even get a rating on my name.So even though it improved my contests won percentage…it did nothing for my CH stats…even though clearly it was the name the CH favored.

So you can’t use the CH ratings only as a fair indicator of who’s a good namer and not.People come to SH and may be in a few contests and have good luck…then drop out of sight,having and retaining a high rating.But those who enter most contests and take the blows that come along with heavy participation, as Lightless was talking about…may end up having their ratings highly fluctuate, depending what the naming cycle is like.

Why should these creatives be penalized, when they are active contributors…and not sitting on their laurels of having only small or sporadic participation that scored them a high CH rating,but not really actively taking risks in continuing to name?

Also the current system as is, can penalize creatives whose names are not as mainstream but more creative,and have only a certain audience for it.

That does not mean either that they are not good namers…but rather that they either are wildly successful with their creations(winning contests) or they crash and burn,instead of residing in the naming “safe” zone.

To me…that’s why SH works…because of the diversity of people’s contributions.Now that’s not saying there shouldn’t be some kind of sifting for those who really don’t do well at this, and are clogging up the system with names that are perhaps subpar…but I don’t want good namers to be penalized if they have a downturn.

I consider myself an above average creative…but have taken a huge hit on my CH ratings lately.After working very hard at this consistently over a year now… and winning contests every month…I would be upset if suddenly I was excluded for 3 hours from entering contests while others can get the jump on me.(My stats at present are over 80%…but that could always change).

This marketplace here has to be equitable and fair and open to all.Especially those who have proven themselves and have stayed loyal and hardworking.Otherwise you create an elitist system.It’s hard enough to win already, and so much of our creative hard work already does not translate into dollars. Let’s don’t stack the deck even more. These are some of the reasons I don’t agree with this

Ok…off my soapbox…


Another anomaly to consider. Many designers have high 90’s percentile ratings and a few dabble in naming. Are they better namers than dedicated namers? If you go by the Percentile system, they are.

On a related subject, I remember a while ago that Dan had talked about monitoring contestants who seem to be subbing names that don’t mean anything and flooding contests with those names. This 3 hour delay seems to be partly doing the same thing. I wonder what came of the previous monitoring.

I am not really against this change because SH is trying to address a concern for the contest holders and contests become abandoned or it significantly delays the declaration of a winner when a CH is overwhelmed. Time zones already impact when we can submit names. I live in the US mountain time zone so a lot of contests are already well past 3 hours when I log on. I don’t see this as having a huge impact on contestants but I do understand the concerns of others who do feel that way.


It would be interesting if SH would consider another facet of this idea which is to give CHs more “allowable” entries if they rate the names they have. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Some CHs get into the thousands of names because they are interactive with us, while others just sit there. With no feedback, we all tend to move on while others, in my opinion, get way too much attention while they change course 5 times during the contest. That always makes me feel weird about a contest. This could be tied to the amount of money they pay for their package, too. For example, the smallest package should have a limit of names they can ultimately get or like I said it could be based solely on the number of ratings they give. Just a thought.


Hello to everyone!

We appreciate your feedback and respect your opinions. With all the feedback that has been kindly provided by our creatives and CHs we have made the decision to make this change for the benefit of both creatives and CHs. Our goal is to encourage the submission of quality entries over quantity.

As @seezall mentioned, we have seen that contests receive 100+ entries within the first hour it has been open. The majority of our CHs are new to Squadhelp, we believe that monitoring the amount of entries in the beginning of the contest will allow the CHs to get more of an understanding about how SH works and what is needed from them to ensure success for their contest. We are really trying to focus on bridging the gap between creatives and CHs. We encourage both sides to communicate more to make this a team effort. Our hope is that this will limit the amount of abandoned contests and discouraged CHs.

We understand that there is a lot of concern for creative’s percentile score. Yes, the Early Access feature is based off CH ratings. But, we ask that you keep a few things in mind:

  • Percentile ranking is based on the past 6 months and it is a relative score/measure. Unrated entries do not count against you.

  • As I mentioned before, in the future we will be making additional changes such as allowing creatives to trade in their points to enter contests early. So if you have a relative lower percentile score, but have been successful in winning contests, you should still be able to join the contests early by using your points. Several creatives have earned several thousand points because of their ongoing participation in our platform. By adding value to the points you have earned, you don’t have to rely on a high % rank to enter contest early.

  • Another point to keep in mind is that the Early Access feature is open to creatives who have a % score of 80% or higher for only 3 hours. As @commulinks mentioned, our platform accommodates users from all different time zones. Contests are launched constantly at all hours of the day and night. The amount of contests to enter are not scarce, and should you run into an early entry block, that time could be spent reading over the brief, asking the CHs questions to help understand what they are looking for, or brainstorming!

Today we will be adding the next Early Access feature which opens the contest to the next set of creatives (70% or higher) for the next 3-6 hours. We appreciate your cooperation and patience, like all things new it will take some time to get used to and work out the kinks. But, we are committed to improving our platform for all users. We are very excited for the future of Squadhelp, we hope you continue to grow with us. As always we welcome your feedback, have a great day everyone!


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I love the idea of the new feature! I think it will be beneficial on both sides. However, to help both the CHs and Creatives, maybe SH could consider a double sided option. It may sound silly, but what if the CHs are allowed X amount of entries initially and then the more they rate and participate in keeping Creatives on the right track, the more entries they are allowed to receive. Again, maybe silly or maybe already suggested, but I think it would keep the CH involved and the Creatives on the right track to helping find that perfect name in a timely way without anyone being overwhelmed. Just a thought :smile:


LOL @acaso714 - I wrote virtually the same thing. But I really like your idea better. (Tee hee)

@RachelSH - Dumb question: Has this already started? You said it would but I can’t tell.

@Commulinks Yes it has started today! :grinning:

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