New domains registration starting at 0.9 euro!

#1 has this limited offer for one more week (until 23/09/2019): 2 registrations at 0.9 euro each- just for EU users, if I understand correctly. Important: basic price there is quite huge, so this is suitable just for registering 2 domains and in less than one year transfer them to your favorite registrar (go daddy, namesilo, etc). Promotion is for registration only, not transfers from other registrars! Enjoy!

One .com at just 1$ at . Same at nominalia, the offer is available just for the registration fee, renewals are (I think) 15 USD. Not sure of the duration of promotion. offers promotional .com register prices till end of September : 5.49 eur/domain, regardless of how many you register. Disclaimer: I’m not yet sure if this is for namepros members only or for anyone!


I could not get. When you put the domain in the basket offers to pay 34,00 €


And you’re from EU? Check their chat, they answered me right away when I asked for some clarifications


Oh, sorry. I’m from Europe but not EU.
But we have a proverb that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. I suspect that in the future there may be problems with the transfer of domains registered there.


Well, they can’t forbid you to transfer those. Maybe you can encounter a delay or something?! At that price, I’m willing to risk tbh :smile: Same goes for


I really had a case when I registered a domain for $ 3, but in order to transfer it to a client, the administration demanded from me a lot of personal documents with delivery to an office located in another country. When I said that I couldn’t do this, they suggested that I contact the notary’s office so that I would certify the passport and send them copies by mail. Notarial services cost from 30 dollars. I also had to pay for the mail service. This is called free cheese in a mousetrap.


Can you please share the registrar’s name?


Certainly can. Registrar This is neither advertising nor anti-advertising. I simply state that, being outside of Russia, I used the services of this registrar. I found a solution to my problem, the domain has expired after 2 months, I just did not renew the domain, and the client bought it immediately after my term expired. The name was specific and was not suitable for every business, so I was not afraid that they might intercept it.