New Dashboard suggestions


Can you make a new anonymous ‘top sellers list’, so we can check top 15 sellers. You can change their names with user1, user2…
It’s important for me to see this list, especially their sales and percents/for 6 and 12 months/. Without this top 15 list I’m losing my motivation.


I agree, motivation is needed. We all know each other well, so we can make the list conditionally anonymous, for example, my name may look like E****r. Strangers will not guess who exactly is in the table and will not pester with stupid questions.


I really miss the old dashboard. I came back to it often to check my points and if they went up, I scrolled down to see what name got a green face. I love green faces. It was motivating for me. Now I have to go to two pages for this.


I’m also not a fan of the new dashboard. @rareworthy has an excellent suggestion of testing prior to implementing such massive changes. @grant There are website testing companies that would be a great way of getting feedback. I’m not sure if there would be someway to invite only SH creatives to test, but if so I think it would be very beneficial. The reason I mention this type of testing is because your feedback is received as a screen recording with audio which would allow us to better explain the pros and cons.

Also I would like to suggest on the contest page for the entries tab to display the number of entries submitted for that contest. I was thinking just like the message tab shows the number in parentheses.