New Dashboard suggestions


Looks great, but… :slight_smile: Can we please get Smart Alerts in new dashboard? You know, the list that says in how many contests we have high ratings, shortlists etc. Also, where is notification icon? The “bell”? And finally, we can’t go directly to Discussion Forum from new dashboard, at least I haven’t found the way to do it.
Edit: Can’t see our points and balance. I started opening “My Contests” page by default because it still has old layout.


It’s turning into a bit of a maze around here. :frowning:


I’m lost - I had a great system for navigating my dashboard before. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


I agree, Daisy. I don’t like it, honestly. If it was seamless and all either old site or all new dashboard style, then it would be more intuitive and better to navigate and such. But right now with some pages being the dashboard style site pages and then some pages being the old site style of pages … it’s really clashing and making UI/UX a mess and a headache. :frowning_face:


Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Over the next few days we will be moving most of the pages to a common navigation structure in order to make it easy for our users to navigate throughout the website.

Given the breadth of features that are now available, the current navigation and page design had become too complex, and the objective of these changes is to simplify the platform navigation and UX.

Thanks for your patience and ongoing feedback as we transition from the old UX to the new UX across the other pages.


New dashboard is good but, previous one was much better because honestly its colour combinations will give your positive energy


I understand the changes aren’t finished yet, but I really hope SH will make sure our points and account balance are clearly visible on most pages.


And now there is no way to get to discussion site unless you type it in the browser. Mobile version is not functional at all at this time. Hurry up with the changes or let us pick what version we want to use untill the new layout is usable on mobile and tablets.
Edit: where’s the “bell”???


The new dashboard has now replaced the top sellers list with “your top rated logos.” I was much more interested in the top sellers list than my top rated logos. Please put the top sellers list back. And please put that further down on the page with that whole block of info so we don’t have to scroll so far to get to our listings.

Also, as others have mentioned, the navigation has now become very difficult. Please put the “bell” back on the dashboard because we have to go somewhere else to get our notifications.

It would probably be a great idea if SH would ask us users what we want on the dashboard before making any further changes! I thank you for listening to us and I apologize for being critical. I just want it to work well for everyone.


I asked for my name to be removed from the top sellers list, as others here have mentioned about being contacted (and very often accused of cheating) in contests, I’ve also had a lot of abuse about my position on the leaderboard. I’m not bothered, I’m as hard as nails, but when people (and there have been quite a few) start contacting my children because they don’t get a response from me, then I’m not happy.

SH have been fantastic, and very understanding about my situation. This change may be a temporary or may not, whilst they figure out what to do.

I’m not open to discussion about this (and would rather nothing more was said). I’ve only mentioned it to explain why it’s gone.


I still can’t get used to the new design of activity feed. I liked the old design more. There were larger letters and a nice looking font


Can someone tell me how to get to our profile page from the new dashboard? Not the marketplace profile page but the one that shows the number of entries and wins and other stats ??? I can’t find it…but will keep looking. Thanks :blush:


You are talking about Public Profile? No way to do it in one click, you have to go to my account / account details / public profile. I suggest bookmarking PublicProfile page, that’s easiest way :slight_smile:


Thanks…good idea to bookmark it. :+1:


Please return to old dashboard! This has not been a positive change. Anything that makes it more complicated instead of easier, is not working for me.


It is rather difficult and confusing. I do see where everything that I saw missing is in the bluesidebar except display of top trenders.I much rather have the old layout,I am giving it a good try at navigating it though.


I have a Dashboard suggestion. Is it possible to get a badge for selling your first domain? Also, to encourage more domain sales, how about a badge for selling 5, 10, 15, etc.?


I completely agree with my colleagues. A very sophisticated new dashboard. It takes a lot of time and energy - and, unfortunately, it interferes with working for the result …


An anonymous list of Top Sellers might be inspiring while maintaining privacy


Can I just say … I appreciate that SH is trying to revamp itself and streamline things and make things seem so new and crisp and original … However, even though the old interface didn’t seem all of those things, there was a thing that it did do that the new doesn’t … and that was make things easy. The new makes things so much more complicated, harder to find, harder to navigate to, and many other things.

I’m really not trying to sound unappreciative or even that I am beating down on the obvious hard work that went into all of this. However, when something has to be said, it has to be said. @grant @Darpan @sh in general … We love how you always try to service us and how you’re front of the line trying to not only make but keep SH as the best of the best … but this UX/UI really does make things unjustifiably harder — not only to find things, but to navigate in the ways we had become used to. Things are no longer a straight shot.

I don’t have any one suggestion other than maybe making a streamlined navigation menu, and returning items to profiles that had been on the originals in some easily displayed manner. Otherwise, the request/suggestion that I would like to make is maybe have a ‘test site’ as many web developers do for big mainstream sites. This is done to test the user interface BEFORE the changes are implemented. Then from this, maybe you could run a user test for a couple days. Send creatives a link only accessible via the bb messaging system that will allow creatives to visit the temp test site with a random temp username and userpassword that is assigned for test uses to login and ‘test’ the changes out and see how it works and navigate around and such and then have a private survey that creatives can then complete and rate the different features and odds and ends and then even provide personal unique feedback about their visit and testing and how they would change it, what they liked, how it worked for them, etc. That way SH can then decide whether to implement the changes, go back to drawing board, or just tweak here and there before going ‘live’ with the changes.

Just an idea from someone that’s ran and coded forums and websites for many many years. :slight_smile: