New Creatives - Contest Participation

Due to an overwhelmingly high volume of requests, we have temporarily stopped accepting registrations from new creatives who are interested in joining Naming contests. We will revisit this from time to time and may start accepting new registrations in future.

We will also be conducting periodic reviews of existing creative accounts in order to ensure that their ongoing participation is in accordance with our platform policies and guidelines.

Our goal is to offer a high quality experience for our customers as well as our creatives and these steps will allow us to better focus our platform and resources in continuing to deliver that high quality experience.


You’re not going to remove existing creators, are you? I mean, you say it’s to ensure that they’re following policies and guidelines … but could you perhaps elaborate on what this means, what you’ll be looking for, and what steps you’ll take for those you may find. I think I know, or at least have a general idea. However, it wouldn’t hurt for all of us to know that actual logistics of this and what it may mean for anyone that does come for a review. It never huts to know the process of this, also doesn’t hurt to know what the procedures following the process will be.


@rareworthy We do not suspend creatives unless there is a violation of our platform policies. Since we now have a large community of users, these periodic reviews will allow us to flag any potential violations more proactively. The actions taken in case of violations are based upon several factors (e.g. the severity of violation, has the creative received a previous warning etc).


Thank you for clarifying!

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Did you suspend also people who are waiting for approval ?
I registred a couple of days ago and I’m looking forward to seeing the screening approval test.
Do you have any idea about the time it will take ?

I signed up around 4 days ago and completed the 4 competitions assigned to me, Im wondering what happens next?

@grant How long would it take you to resume approving more creators? its been a couple of months since i have registered and completed the contests assigned to me. And is it because of the submission quality that my account have not been approved to participate in open contests or is it just because you have stopped accepting registrations ?

Looking forward to your response.