New Creative Participation


We have begun allowing new creatives to participate in our contest platform in a controlled manner.

In order to control the number of new participants, the new creatives are required to pay a one time fee of $5 to get access to the contest platform. These fees are used to cover the cost of additional screening that is required to ensure a good fit with our naming contests. The fees are fully refundable if the creatives do not wish to continue after initial screening and contest participation.

We will monitor this for some time and may make additional changes in the signup and screening requirements as needed.


How do I get my $5 back? I appreciate the screening process, but new creatives are hamstrung by limited contests which are already halfway complete. By the time we submit entries, the CH’s are already past the point of reviewing and rating the entries. Then you’re spoonfeeding a new contest at a time.


@BradfordBranding Thanks for sharing your feedback. We have work to do to further improve our new creative onboarding process.

Unfortunately over the last few months we had to stop accepting new registrations due to a sudden surge in new signups. While we have always welcomed new creatives, we also must ensure that our contest holders do not get overwhelmed with too many submissions especially from creatives who haven’t gone through an adequate screening process.

We are working on additional changes to improve the onboarding and screening process so that new creatives have more opportunity to be successful. We are also working on creating additional training material including videos to help our creative community.

If you would like a refund, please contact the support team by clicking the blue button and they will issue the refund promptly.


Thanks for the feedback. Seems like you’re going through some growing pains. You’re getting a huge influx because of all of the affiliate marketers talking about how easy it is to make money on your site. If creatives are allowed to submit 20+ entries for a contest, the ch’s will never be able to keep up. Will be like a second job trying to rate all of the creatives. I’m sure you’re already aware of this. Great concept though! Just seems like it could become a wildfire quickly.


Oh @BradfordBranding if only 20 entries per creative were so. We have some who submit, 100, 200 and even more than 500 by just one creative in several contests. I am not sure how this helps ensure that our contest holders do not get overwhelmed with too many submissions, but it goes on all the time.


I don’t see this as needed, tbh. I see many 100$ contest getting even as many as 1.000 entries(!!!) and the ones with higher prizes 1500-2000 entries. That’s too much already, really. My suggestions are: check the quality of submissions of creatives that are now present on the platform(yup, lot of time and money to do this, but the only good thing to assure quality; my vote goes for this even if you decide to kick me out too :smiley: ); limit entries for each contestant (common, that’s nothing wrong with a maximum of 50, right!? - you can also put an option for a contest holder to enable a favorite creative to input more than 50); when you get to less entries, but of a higher quality, then maybe rethink getting new members. Nothing new in my ideas, but if many share the same view, maybe we’re on to something. Please, don’t turn into sloganslingers (2000+entries each contest, almost none gets awarded) :smile:


Long time ago we had several discussions about limiting number of entries. Unlimited entries after two likes is just ridiculous. Each like +5 entries, each love +10 entries is quite enough (even that is too much imo).


Not to mention some creatives’ tendency to ‘‘spam’’ contests with a high number of like&love, in order to maintain tier A status.


Hmmmm, that sounds fair (IMHO) :thinking:


Ups no, its another limitation, another new rules, another headache.If the contest holder doesnt like he or she can block the creative already, and maybe other creatives dont know that contest holder sometimes be likeplease submit along this line on some of entries.

And if their entries have a lot of no thank you in many contests, or the contest holder many times block them, this will drop their percentile score significantly, and this is alreaaaaady will put limitation on their entries in the future.


This is what people call effort, whats wrong with determination, passion and effort?. Maintain your performance or even increase performance is a good thing.

Ugh i dont know how other creatives can have such a determination to join more than 200 contests or even 300 contests per month, but thats good for them, i salute them, they have passion and they are hardworking people.


I tried paying my creative fee but my card is not supported, what should I do


Hit the blue button and contact administration