New Comments Feature!

Inline Comments Feature Added!

A new feature will be added to ensure that the comments submitted along with entries are read by the CH.

Starting Tuesday December 6th, comments on entries will now be displayed directly below the entry itself. This will include only a snippet of the comment. The CH will now be able to read the comment snippet as they see the entry.

We highly encourage adding a comment or background information that explains your entry and/or why it might be a good fit for their brand. We find that entries that include a comment or explanation have a much higher likelihood of winning a contest than those which do not include any information.

Thank you for all your participation and cooperation!



This is an excellent feature beneficial to both creatives and CH’s, seeing it in action. Earlier, reading comments on entries was cumbersome.

Also I feel there needs to be some indicator to let the contest holder know that the full comment can be read by clicking on the snippet. Otherwise some CH’s may think that the snippet is all there is to the comment.


I love it!. What a great addition! Thanks SH!


I am really loving the new comment feature as well.
Thank you for adding this !!! :heart_eyes: