New Benefits Announcement : Gold & Platinum Sellers

“New Benefit Announcement : Gold & Platinum Sellers :tada:
Hi ****
As shared in this Tweet, we have trained AI models to generate and automatically grade good Brandable domains that are available for hand-registration.
As a special perk for our Gold and Platinum sellers, we will regularly provide you with a fresh batch of domains. The first batch will be available in the next few days.
To make sure you receive instant notifications whenever new domains are added, we recommend enabling real-time notifications via Slack or Telegram. Since these are unregistered domains, we anticipate that many will be taken shortly after the lists are shared.
Please note that this is a Beta feature, and we will make improvements based on the feedback we receive from our seller community.
Once again, thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait to share more exciting updates with you in the near future!”

Lots of things to say about this update but let me just point this 1 area of possible conflict:

Squadhelp allows creatives to submit unregistered brandable domain ideas (just like the other popular brandable marketplace) for review. Suppose I submit my unregistered domain ideas for review and your AI model by coincidence suggests same (or some) to these group of sellers (gold & platinum)…
Can multiple creatives have the same ideas? Yes, it’s possible. But with your AI involved, it’s a different case, and the chances of ‘hurting’ the interest of one of the parties is highly likely in this scenario.


@Phil I had the exact same question in regards to this feature…

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@Phil Good question! This feature will not include any domains that were previously submitted to contests, or the ones submitted to marketplace for review.

The sellers do not need to submit these domains to SH, but if they do, the names will go through our standard review process like other domains.

I would also like to add that we this is currently a Beta feature and we will likely only share a small number of domains initiallt. If this leads to any unforeseen issues, we may decide to remove this feature.

  1. Looking at the domain insight for some of the domains in the list released, a good number were previously rejected by squadhelp internal review. Some as recently as 5th December 2023. I guess they were submitted previously as unregistered. Seems there’s a disconnect somewhere between your internal ‘domain review team’ and your AI.
    Rejected on the 5th of December, and suggested a good/brandable domain on the 8th. :thinking:

  2. I see some already live Premium domains in the list. Example, IvyIgnit*.com (premium since 08/23), BraveBeac**.com, and some others.

  3. Looking at the many previously rejected names in this list, maybe it’s time to introduce another feature that scans all rejected domains in our account and suggests resubmission for premium review with a guarantee to refund coins used if the names aren’t approved.

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@grant Great information. However, after AI models generate and automatically grade good Brandable domains that are available for registration, what is the guarantee that when Gold and Platinum sellers hand-register those domains, they would be approved for Premium Marketplace?

Seems it is not working well. It looks like it is taking any two random words and putting them together to make a phrase that doesn’t make sense.

There were only two in that list that I would approve if I were rating them, and that would be because I was feeling generous, I wouldn’t buy either of those two myself. In fact, there wasn’t anything in that list that I would buy.

That is lower than the current 10% (or whatever it is right now) approval rate.

I think the idea is great, if SH doesn’t do this someone else will, but it needs a little tweaking first!