Negative account balance


@Tina91 My understanding is we cannot enter expired marketplace listings unless we somehow acquire the domain again and list it under my owned domains. I’m not sure about extensions, I would think that would be treated differently. @geniuswaitress I’m sorry, I know a negative account balance is a big discouragement. You aren’t expected to pay that ten dollars until you have another contest win, but still.


The details of Marketplace Renewals are clearly mentioned in the Marketplace Terms And Conditions Page. This page is included in all approval emails. The creatives must agree to these Terms before they approve the name for listing in our Marketplace.

If the creatives choose the Do Not Renew option, we let the domain registration expire (drop). If the domain is still available after it is dropped, you can continue to submit it to any contests (or you can also choose to register it yourself).


Yaaaayy! Thank you, @grant ,for clarifying. I will sleep like a baby now.


I wish the important caveats that it will cost the creative money and that they could lose their names were covered here:

The words “no cost” are a bit misleading.

I guess it was my mistake in not reading further. I know now that I can’t afford to submit names.


@geniuswaitress I am sorry you are so frustrated about this. I wanted to add something to the conversation that you may not know. If you choose to let SH renew the name for a lesser commission, then when you enter those names into contests you receive the higher of the two: commission or contest prize.

That means you can afford to submit names to the marketplace and when it is time to renew, you can choose the lesser commission and still use them in contests.

I just wanted to make you feel better and I hope this does. :sunglasses::heart_eyes::grinning::tada::sparkles:


@grant I opted to pay for a renewal and I did but my comm. was still reduced. Is this a glitch that you are aware of? It’s been about 2 mo and I haven’t been able to get an update on what happened or an ETA on when it will be fixed (no real rush, just really would like to know, since I have another renewal coming up) . I did blue button the issue several times but those sweet ladies have not been able to get an update from the team either. If you can offer any insight it would be greatly appreciated.


I have reached out to the customer service team. They will look into this an get back to you shortly.


Lynn, I am so glad you brought this up because I didn’t notice that happened to me, too! BlueButtoned it!


The renewal box hasn’t been updated either:

  1. This domain changed from 40% to 36% commission. The price offered if I pay to renew is more than I’m being offered now, I’m assuming this is an error.

  2. If 1. is an error, then 20% commission would also be an error? It would be 18%, assuming you would slash our commission on that too.


I have 2 same type of domain names, i hope i can still submit my owned domain without basic listing , and hide the other one from display on my profile sigh.