Negative account balance

Today my account balance is -$10. I’m not sure what has happened that makes me owe Squadhelp money, but it’s not an encouraging way to start the day.

Maybe you selected the auto renewal for one of your domains? And today is the day of the charge.

Ugh. How can I undo that?

I don’t want to do domain names for sale anymore. It’s confusing, and I can’t afford it.

Also, there is nothing in the information about it that says I have to pay for it.

Check the domain dashboard, see where it appears “View renewal options”, there are 3 options, see what option is checked. If the first one is checked, where you pay for the renewal, I guess it automatically proceeds with the charge. If the other ones were selected, it probably means that you manually selected another option, where renewal is paid by Squadhelp, or you just want the domain to expire. Just to be sure that your charge has something to do with domain renewal. I am just telling based on my experience, I too was shocked when I saw “-10”, but i remembered about the domain charge I selected some time ago.:smile:

But if you aren’t sure what that charge is about, blue button it. And maybe you can cancel the charge? But you usually receive an email about renewals, so that you can take action and choose from the options. But if you skipped that email, time passed, and my guess is that the renewal was automatic.

I don’t even understand what domains I have. Every one on the list has already won a contest.

I can’t find “view renewal options.” I’m confused and angry and just want to withdraw anything that’s costing me money. I don’t even know where my rent is coming from this month, and now I have to win a contest just to have a balance of zero.

Okay, I found it, and I am not able to change it. It must default to my paying $10, which is not cool.

I want to withdraw my names ASAP.

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Well, then, wait for every mail that comes with that renewal thing, and take immediate action and select “Do not renew”, so that the domain will expire. At the moment, I don’t think you can withdraw your names, they just sit there without any additional charge.

But you can also see on that dashboard on some domains the “select renewal option”, and you can select from there, without waiting for those emails to come.

Apparently, letting it expire–which it won’t even give me the option to do–means I can’t use my names in contests any more. Either fork over the money, or give away the name.

Oh, yeah, I just saw that in the mail I received. I just selected Do Not Renew on one of my domains. I didn’t know we are not allowed to post them in contests anymore. OK, I will ask via the blue button or maybe someone that already knows can chime in and clarify.

And regarding your main question, I just saw that the mail I just received also states that you can change this option if you think you selected the wrong one (you can update your selection). Maybe you can select now another option for your domain to expire? Just try and lemme know.

It won’t allow me to select another option.

@geniuswaitress, @Tina91 that’s right, if you don’t pay to renew or take a reduced commission (if Squadhelp offers one) then the domain expires and can’t be submitted anymore. If you don’t choose any option, the default is renewal and your account is charged.

This should all be made clear on the information page I linked. It is not.

I’m in a dire financial situation, and now I owe money to the one place I could turn to try and make extra.

This is it for me.

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Oh, too bad you can’t select another option. These emails usually come one month earlier, and I guess then was the right time to select the expiration.

Just try and blue button it, I am sure they will understand and cancel the charge.

@ALDaisy1, Never ever?! Okay, now I have to reflect on my life. But it’s going to be too hard for me to select which domains will survive. I think I’ll just go with the “Eenie Meenie Minie Mo”.

Ooookay, I have so many questions right now…

Are we not allowed to post them with extensions like Consulting, Agency, etc?
Or in contests where the URL is not necessary so we can post them without the .com?
Are other people allowed to post my expired domains in contests?

Oh, gee, I won’t be able to sleep tonight. This is too much for me.

Not now but later payment for renewal fee, i mean in case u won a $500 contest, i hope you do! therefore you will be able to withdrawal $500 - $10 ( renewal fee )

I won’t be entering anything.

I have a negative balance and I’m going to lose some of my best names. I feel conned.

i also have negative balance. Soon you will win some contests, i think youre a great namer indeed!