Need to take a break?

Alright,you creatives that have been at this for awhile…do you ever find you need to take a break from naming and then come back to it? I am finding that I am getting more frustrated than anything lately,instead of enjoying this, as it seems there are tons of low scores,and even when I am trending,I can’t pull out a win.I had a 50/50 chance in a recent contest that just ended,as there were only two 5 stars, and I was one of them…but I still couldn’t manage the win.I don’t know what it takes.I can’t seem to get the win,and it’s getting me down.

I know you can’t expect to win a bunch (unless you’re Seezall…lol! …just kidding!) as there are lots of talented Namers… but you would think the odds would go in your favor now and then.

Is it sometimes beneficial to back off for awhile, then come back to it fresh down the road? Or do you lose your momentum and have to start from the beginning and build back up? Should one try to be more selective about the contests they do,so they don’t burn out?

I’m really not trying to whine…just was wondering what is best to do.Maybe I am doing too many contests and burning out.

Any input,please? Thanks!


Some or late say most of the time it is really frustrating that you are expecting to win and then in the end somebody grab that opportunity. Expectation of being a winner is high specially when you are trending with a 5 star but when the result comes…What the???how come??I am trending and got a 5 star…Well,it is a contest.The situation changes unexpectedly.Been that situation before. Hollygirl just keep on trying maybe your moment is just around the corner. Cheers!!!


I’ve been in your situation to many times and still am. Heck, I couldn’t even win with a 5 star entry, and I was the only one with 5 stars on one of the contests. Just take a little break, read a book or something. Then, come back clearheaded. And go for it. You’ll get it. That’s what I do, when my brains are fried. Good Luck!

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i think we have all done that at some point - what I do is not enter every contest, just those I enjoy…technical ones are not of much interest to me , Im more whimsical

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Don’t get discouraged Holly, about a month or so ago I had a string of 6-7 contest I could have won and ended up with 1, This string of 3 was a little luck on timing as I had a week or two were my creative juices were flowing, also a few weeks before that I had to “unplug” and put myself on a self imposed 24 hr ban, Was like taking a crack addicts crack away( It didn’t really help me either has I still wasn’t able to see the briefs “clearly”, about 2 weeks later I woke up and it was like wow ok that’s what you are asking for and the names just started flowing with the right timing. SO DON"T GIVE UP!


Hell yes! I have been taking a break for the most part a few weeks now. (Ha, just realized my h.e.l.l was blocked out:P). I have still been active in the forum, but your situation described mine (even down to being the bridesmaid!)! In the beginning of December I was trending in 6 competitions at once. I thought for sure I had to win just one! Well, one was cancelled, two had my 5 stars downgraded well after the comp ended, 2 abandoned the comp and another one was won by a new user who was only active during that compeition. The frustration was too much for me at that point, and combining that with life events that unravelled before Christmas, my creativity has taken a real beating. Life is maybe just starting to settle down so am starting to read some briefs again. I do think the key is not to enter everything, but SH used to be the first thing I checked in the morning, and in the end was kind of a diassapointing way to start my day!

Anyway this is not a sob story, I feel good having taken a break. I don’t know if my luck will change, but I do love this site as a creative outlet. So when the creative juices start flowing again, hopefully something good comes out of this ‘break’. :sunglasses:


Well, now I need to take a break. I’m disappointed. I am always make the same mistake over and over. I’m done being hopeful and listening CH praise my entries and then give a win to someone else.

nice to get praise :wink:

Yes, it’s nice to get praise, but it’s also a false hope. I’m having a chocolate cake to forget about it and move on.


Always love the ones you get “I really like this name” then it gets 2 stars thats always a What moment)

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Yep.That goes right along with “You’re on the right track and getting my vision…give me more…” and giving you 2 or 3 stars on everything you submit! And let’s not forget when they say they love your name…then give it as an example on the discussion page and ask to see if anyone can improve it! (facepalm)


It happened to me lately “I like the way you think give me more submissions” And then…boom 1s and 2s all over the place!


Hi, Hollygirl. Tough question.

Some days “you can’t win for losing” – your cleverest names are ignored (or, on a really bad day, mysteriously and untraceably registered). Other, rarer days, you win with a name that you didn’t even like. But occasionally you’re really, really lucky, and one of your favorites dovetails with the CH’s taste, or SH recognizes your brilliance (I overstate this only a little :smile:) when the CH bags out on us. And boy does that feel good.

While waiting for those latter days, a break is sometimes advisable. Yeah, you might lose some mojo, but you might also come back with more energy or a fresher eye. Only you know when you reach that cost-benefit friction point.

The people who seem happiest/most successful here either have a great “this is just icing on my life’s cake” atttitude or they fake it really well!


I’ve had a couple of those lately. “I love this!”… then two days later it gets demoted to a 2. Uhhh…

CH posts your submission on a discussion page and asks others to improve it? Wooow :dizzy_face:
Isn’t that against the rules of SH?

You are thinking to take a break and I am thinking to “break something”, last year broke my laptop…now, what next? …brainstorming is still on… :smiley:



…“MauryaMannSingh The Marriage Breaker”, (Firm just launched)

            Tagline: Nothing Better than Freedom :smiley:
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oh!hell! in this too, i have failed!!!..better, I should break something (my own things) :grinning:

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wait: Firm Relaunched …

Limited Special Promotional offer: Refer 2 clients and Your marriage will be broken free:-)


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During a break it is possible to take a walk in the Sistine Chapel :slight_smile:

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