Need to re-access my game plan?

I am so busy that I can’t even get to all the contests in a timely manner…so alot of times I can’t look at contests until the day of (and sometimes hours) before they are to close. Only to find that the contest has been paused and they are not taking any submissions. This has happened to me 4-5 times lately. It used to be that you could get in last minute submissions…but now CH’s seem to be using that function alot more…so I kinda shoot myself in the foot on some where I end up not being able to enter at all. Is that happening to anyone else?

Yes, Holly, that has happened to me several times. In one instance, I was waiting for the CH to respond to a question before entering and then they paused the contest and said they had their choices already. It’s very frustrating and I think the CHs are losing out, too. I don’t mean for that to sound cocky but if people with ideas can’t enter, they lose.

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For me, I am comfortable missing a few contests. You can’t win em all anyway or as the stats page tells me, I can’t win 98% of the contests I participate in. So la-dee-da.