Need bulk listing & price editing for wholesale market. List of domains on installment / better tracking of installments.

Hello, appreciate the new videos on the landing pages, the option to offer settlement on installment plans and the other new features. Looking forward to what’s next.

Couple of suggestions:
Trying to add domains to the wholesale market, edit prices, etc in bulk, there is no option for this that I’ve found. Needed for larger portfolio holders.

Dedicated section for domains sold with installment plans so we can keep track of the status of all with one glance, i.e Number of payments received, due, due dates, etc. Currently these domains are only found with the transfer and there is no distinction what is due and when, etc, unless clicking on each name manually.

Lastly, allowing sellers with status achievements (for quality control) to upload their own logos to standard listings pointed to SH marketplace. Since we’re displaying the entire SH inventory rather than WLM, I think would be fair to let us upload a logo and see what happens.

That’s all for now. Thanks.

Good luck everyone.

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I would like the wholesale marketplace to have a way to list several at once - one price, several domains.