Need a new method to find some nice unregistered domains? Check this out!

Hello guys,

A couple of years ago I’ve shared a method that I’ve been using to find some good looking domains to hand-register, It was at NamePros and I just remembered and thought to share it here as well as it’s quite simple and I’m sure it will be helpful at least for some creatives.

So I’m gonna copy paste my post from NamePros :slight_smile:

For this thread i’m going to explain my new, easy method for hand registering brand-able domains.

I will start by giving a shoutout to, Which is a site offering many free online tools that has been great and very helpful for me.

When I’m into hand registering brandable domains, I begin by forming a good list of common keywords/verbs .etc and then open the “add text to each line” A simple tool that allows you to add a text ( Prefix/Suffix ) to each line of your original text. I simply add my preferred prefixes and suffixes and execute the tool to get my new text ready in one click.

Example :

Let’s say your original text list is :


You can choose add a prefix to each line. “e” for example, And after executing the tool it will result in :


Or a suffix “y” for example, And it results in :



Of course i put a large number of keywords, 500 of my preferred keywords in one list for each round, And then i copy paste my new text on GoDaddy, Dynadot, NameBright or any other bulk domain availability checker, And go through the results one by one to pick my favorites.

There are many good prefixes and suffixes to combine with your lists, You can set up your own list of keywords, And another list for your preferred prefixes and suffixes. This will surely get you plenty of opportunities to register some decent names.

I hope the above has been clear and helpful.



Thanks! :smiley: It really helps

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Great! Glad to help ^^

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