"need a name for my new business"

Hi Dan. Could you check something for me please. I did not want to say anything or message the CH in case it’s a mistake, but the name I entered in there yesterday morning was available and now it is not.
The rest of my names in there are still available but looks like this was taken in the last 24hrs.
I want to make sure I don’t upset a CH as you mentioned before, we should always come to you. So would you check that for me?
Thank you !

@LorinRyle, this name is still available.


You might be seeing the availability for .com name in the name checker. You can use this tool to check the “Who is” data on a domain to see when it was registered.:


The .com name was registered in 2014.

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Ty sir. I wonder why it now says taken on the .com.au , it didn’t yesterday or I would not have been able to submit it