Need a fresh contemporary name with a startup tone for Technology solutions and IT Managed Services company in the Country e

Is there a way-we can retrieve deleted entry?
For this contest, I did submit weShesh, I got 2 * and deleted the entry. Same name…came up as a winner!!!

I believe if you deleted it there is nothing that can be done , since it was your decision to delete it - this has happened to me a few times that I got a low rating ,deleted and the same name won.

sometimes if you like a name that gets a low rating its a good idea to remove it and re enter it, often you will get a better rating the second time :wink:


@jose, thank you for great idea…didn’t think of it before.

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Jose is correct in that there can be no redistribution of a consummated win,but if you’d like a retrospective look at some of your deleted entries, Sh should, in all likelihood ,have the ability to resurrect your past entries (judging by the record they keep of changes in progress resp. brief content)

I don’t personally do this, but others have taken screenshots of their entries before deleting them.