Naming, Ratings, Winning

Hello fams, just want you guys to know that for the past 3months or so, I’ve never had a single On Right Track, not to talk of Like it nor Love it ratings… threw in the towel and came back, and even the ratings were like lets pick up from where we left buddy😪… things are not getting any easier, Winning a contest seems like a mountain, is it only me? does the naming strategies changed? or is there any form of favoritism here?


No strategies, No favoritisms, All is based on your mindset and Attitude toward SH. It’s time consuming, Exhausting and Frustrating sometimes, but there’s always a pay day…


Thanks Stiles, I’ve always been a great fan of yours… BTW welcome to the forum


Yes SH can be quite frustrating at times! I am quite new here (6months now) and I have come to the conclusion that the people that are successful here are that for three reasons: 1. they work harder than me! 2. They are more talented than me! 3, both!

So my way to deal is to try my best and be proud of what I am able to produce. When it comes to favoritism I don’t think so, I just think some people are in tune with what others want! I also think that we need time to adjust to the way things work, what the CH wants etc. So BlueSpice I think that you should not give up just yet!!!


I don’t think there is favoritism here but I also don’t think either that the matter depends much on the “hard work” that someone puts out. You can spend an eternity and think of a zillion names and have them all rejected because you simply just missed the mark or most probably, they are more talented creatives with better entries than you. Of course those who log here often have a higher chance of winning but at the end of the day, it’s all about your creative talent and your ability to grasp what the customer wants in the brief and give it to them. I believe we are all good here, it’s just some people are better and more seasoned than others. Perhaps some of us will never get to their level, but at least we’ll know we tried our best.