Naming platforms

If this is not appropriate please delete. I’m looking for advice. First I am NOT referring to SH. Who or where would I report a naming platform who has refused to pay me for a fair win? I had reported things to Administer that I found to be going on , that wasn’t quite right. I was immediately deleted from site. I had also won, that $ was never transferred to my account. I reported to BBB .The site didn’t respond.My current win was just $50. But, I do need it . Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I’d let that go. Stick with SH. Payments after wins are 100% guaranteed. Spend the time you are using chasing the $50, which you most probably won’t get; to entering and working on winning a contest(s) at SH. Ultimately, you will, IMO, not be disappointed. Good luck


I do tend to agree with Soni. But if you did want to take this further and the company is located in the US, then, report to the Federal Trade Commission:

The BBB report is good, but don’t expect much from them. With the FTC, you may not get your money back, but the company will be on their radar. So it may not be worth it to pursue it except to protect others.

Edit to say: You can also file a report in the state where the company is located with their Attorney General’s office.


As Commulinks is pointing out, it depends of where the site is located (what jurisdiction).
A review on TrustPilot (and/or similar review sites. I often use this one) would also be nice to inform others. It won’t get you your money, but it will be helpful for others to maybe avoid ending up in the same situation.