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Good article. I think more companies/CEOs need to read it because too many have impossible expectations and want to cram their entire meaning into a name and also have it available. Though that can sometimes happen if they have the right budget, it’s important for a company to be realistic when it approaches the naming process and understand that their company is just the latest arrival to the party that’s been going on for a long time. This Darpan guy seems to know what he’s talking about! :wink:


Great article @Darpan! Apple was also perfect for 2 other reasons: they started in education (an apple for the teacher) and you take a byte (bite) of an Apple.

One thing people don’t talk about much is a brand “image” name. Names that convey an ethos. Like Nike does.

And in the real naming world, being able to get a “Nike” or “Apple” name can be VERY expensive. I remember Kate Hudson talking about how expensive it was for her to get for the Honest company. She must have trademarked it, too??? There’s the domain, then there’s the issue of being able to trademark. So creativity, found at Squadhelp, is vital!


Just being a jerk here: Jessica Alba has the Honest Co… Kate Hudson has the Fabletics company :wink: … not that it matters, like, at all which is which :slight_smile: Excellent points!


oops! Thanks for the correction!

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