"Names by Category" broken. Known bug?

Is there a list of known bugs somewhere? My site at healingsites.com shows ALL of the domains I have upladed when anyone clicks on the blue “Names by Category” blocks at the bottom of the page. When they are taken to the list of all of my domains then a menu shows up on the left side - and this menu does work. This really needs to be fixed before the WLM gets out of beta.


Hi healingsites,
You are absolutely correct, it’s not working correctly and I didn’t notice this as i went to my own site namecollective.co and the same error is happening.
@grant on the WLM page if you scroll down to “names by category” and click on any of the links for example “Agency & Consulting”, it shows my whole portfolio of 311 names, not just the 124 i have in that category.

If you use the Narrow by category" bar on the left side, this works fine and shows only the 124 names once selected.


Thanks for letting us know. This issue has now been fixed.


There is another related issue, not all caregories are shown in the left menu in search page, categories with lowest number of domains are hidden and cannot be reached! For example I have 6 domains under Pets category but this category cannot be accessed from left menu because it is hidden in the bottom of the list of categories. It seems there is a limit on the number of categiries shown.

One more thaing I would like to see in WLM which is page containing all categiries with domains in my website, not just few featured categories as in the home page. A button such as “see all categories” or “browse by category” should by added in home page under featured categories, and in the top right menu buttom aswell (the menu that had only 1 item which is “all domains”)