Name Submission Policy

Recently we have received questions and comments from few creatives about the policy regarding submission of names that have previously won, or names that have been shared by CH in their own brief. Here’s an updated policy on these issues:

  1. Names already shared by CH in their brief

You are no longer allowed to submit names that have already been shared by CH in their brief. We believe it is not fair to win a contest by simply submitting the same name that the CH has already thought of. Any submission of such names going forward can lead to potential action such as account suspension.

2. Previously Won Names

If a name has won previously, you are allowed to submit it. However please use your best judgement in submitting the name, especially if the contest is from the same industry. When a CH selects a winner, we will now show them a warning that this name has previously won on Squadhelp. If they still decide to select that name as a winner, they would be doing it with full awareness that the name has previously won on Squadhelp. Instead of us blocking these kind of submissions, we prefer to offer full transparency to the CH, so they can determine whether or not they want to use that name.

Please note, however, that we do not endorse blatant copying of other creatives’ winning names. If someone is found to be engaging in this kind of behavior on multiple instances, we reserve the right to limit their ability to participate in future contests.


Can we have some sort of preview/link added to submission page? - if name has won before - what type of contest that was.

I don’t remember too long…


Thanks, Dan.I am relieved, as maybe we can get back to the submission of our own original and creative names which is the point of this. :0)

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I reeeeelly like #1, Dan, thanks!!! Excellent update! But I do have a related question: can we submit ideas that sounds somewhat like what they’ve mentioned? Like, if the CH says he likes Orange Computers, may we submit “” Etc.


@auntshommy, we will allow variations for now. However we might implement additional rules in future if we find that variations are being used to circumvent the main intent of this restriction.


there is another naming site which manages to ban certain words etc from being entered in a contest- rather than slapping the creatives couldnt the chs names be somehow marked as un-enterable in the contests


I recently entered one in one of the briefs, no idea which now, will I be banned when it turns up

sometimes you dont realize why a name is calling you to be entered - then you find you just read it in the brief lol


I would like to comment about my most recent win, please. The CH sent me a message when the name was picked saying unfortunately none of the names submitted here would work for them due to businesses out there already having the name or the names being too close. However, they picked me as the winner because they felt “I had some really good suggestions.” So while yes, I did submit one of the names they mentioned, I also submitted others they really liked as well but couldn’t choose.

I’m not just going around only entering names I see mentioned in briefs. I’m also attempting to be as creative as possible as well! So I don’t want people thinking I’m trying to cheat and be unfair.

That’s all.


nice that you have dialogue with the chs - they never say a thing to me lol

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I rarely do. They sent me that message when they chose me as the winner.

@kreativekim , I would like to mention that until now it was fair game to enter names that were already mentioned in the contest brief. Therefore you haven’t done anything wrong by entering that name. In fact we see that several creatives have entered such names in past contests - you just happen to be one of the lucky few who won. The change in policy is to clarify our position going forward and is not in response to any one specific contest that has already closed.

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@Dan Thank you. I was just assuming after I won that contest people complained which led you to change the rule. So I wanted to defend myself!

That leads me to ask, what if we submit a name very similar to the one they mention but with a different spelling or something? Again, I always try to be as creative as possible but in the event they still like their name the best, is that an option?


I think it would be highly recommended to submit one similiar to one they say they like. That’s the whole reason they give us those tips, they want something like that. We need to pay more attention to what the client is actually asking for and just not worry about anything else.
Stress stagnates creativity.


I couldn’t agree more, the whole point is finding the best possible name for the ch. Personally I feel if the ch wants to go ahead and pick their own name they used in the brief, I say it’s their dime and their choice. Just my honest opinion.


I didn’t even know this was possible. I thought I saw a feature where the system told me that a name was won in another contest before?

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It probably did but you’d still be able to submit it. I think SH just wants you to make sure you’re not submitting the name for the same type of industry/company as the winning name.

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@Kral…then why even run a contest? Why waste creatives time and effort if they are just going to award someone who submits their own name?
Plus before you even enter a name, you check off a box that says the names you enter are original or your own creation or something like that…so when you submit someone else’s name,you are violating that.

I agree the point is to give the CH a name they like,and using their hints,words or ideas, or other directions, can be very valuable in pointing you to the right name to submit.But the point is, you are supposed to be giving them names you created.So even if you use their brief/suggestions as a starting point…ideally you are supposed to take that input and develop it from there.

How many times have CH’s in their brief mentioned that they are frustrated, as they are just getting pedestrian names that are strings of words from the brief,or rehashes of names they mentioned etc,and that they could do that themselves…that they are paying for creativity? Why do you think so many contests are abandoned?

This probably won’t be a popular stance…but it makes me frustrated when I have spent tons of time, brainpower and effort to come up with names and get a love it or a like it (whatever the highest score is) then they chose their own name that someone has bounced back to them.

If in the end, they want to use their own name…fine.They already came up with it…why should they have to pay for it? At least award the creative who gave them the best original name.Then from there,they can do what they want.That’s how I feel.

Ok…you can throw tomatoes now.I’m off my soapbox.


Glad I’m not checking anymore the winning page to avoid the " What kind of winning name is that.It’s B…S…!!! or A copy cat of the CH idea etc… Just checking now the current Feedback and closed contest where I am trending. That’s it. No more heartache and jealousy LOL…Cheers everybody. By the way DAN , almost same entry should also not be allowed like ProDentistry then somebody just reversed it to DentistryPro.


@hollygirl, I agree with most of that,and to answer your first question. I have only seen one or two ch’s venting their own frustration in that way. And I have seen about ten contests, where the ch picked their own suggestion from the brief. There are many ch’s who absolutely love the suggestions they receive and are not shy about it. However there are those too, that seem to be unhappy no matter what and they seem unable to find “the one” they can commit to.

In all cases, however they are paying for it either way.

@Dan *One thing squadhelp could do is “not award a name that was presented in the sh’s brief” and inform the ch ahead of time that a name mentioned in the brief will not be awarded and that the ch should rather pick a name that would be acceptable to them.