Name protection concerns

As I understand it, we only have thirty days to report yet many contests don’t end until after that period, if SH doesn’t pursue, does anyone know how we can? And it seems to me since contests dont end within that period, that we need to extend the time that SH looks into it.


I also feel that once a contest closes the CH shouldn’t be able to view names anymore apart from the winning name. They’ve picked a winner, end of story! No need to come back after three months to register names from the pool of entries you received.


After a short amount of time after winner selection, Contest entries do become hidden.


We should be able to report registrations until entries become hidden at least (30 days after that point would be even better). The 30 days from submission rule is unfair to creatives, especially since contest holders are allowed to draw out their winner selection process for 2 months and more.


@Therold - We have noted your concern, and we will take your feedback into consideration as we continue to improve the platform for all involved. Thank you.

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Do CH’s have the ability to download their entries like the creatives do?

Yes they do @LisaMac

Than this seems to be a mute point.

After a short amount of time after winner selection, Contest entries do become hidden.

That is a mute point lol sorry didn’t copy original quote fully

I understand your point, but we can’t expect Squadhelp to go after contest holders if domains are registered long after their contests are held. I just think it’s reasonable for us to be given at least the same timeframe for reporting domains that the contest holders are given to choose a winner. That seems like a fair compromise. It might not do much to actually curb the problem, but it will make me feel better at least. :wink: