Name Labels Benefits and pitfalls!

Has anyone been using the new name label feature? I haven’t yet Maybe if Dan, Matt, or Janice could chime in… How does this benefit us a contestant? How Could this Hurt Us? My line of thinking, I submit name X and Label it X, now I feel I just limited my names potential on the other hand I’m guessing now a CH can look at names Via first to last, last to first and now also via a category? So if now I haven’t labeled name X and the client only looks through a specific category my name goes unseen. Just really trying to see the benefit here, where as the name itself should be self explanatory Like I submit Bananas for a grocery store and then Bananas for a kids Gym do I really need to explain the type of name?


For a name GoBananas you might need to :wink:


@seezall, thanks for asking. We should have clarified it here before adding the feature.

The labels are completely optional, and they allow a CH to filter entries using one of these labels. By default, the CH sees all the entries (newest first). However, if they choose, they can filter the entries by labels (just like any other filters such as length of name, keywords etc). We believe this feature would be helpful, when CH receives 1000+ entries and they want to quickly glance through specific types of entries. We plan to incorporate a tone feature in the CH brief as well so that a CH can specify upfront what type of names they are looking for. This was suggested in a different topic earlier.


I am still struggling to see the benefits(as a contestant), If a CH asks for a witty name he will still get 1000 names it will just be 1000 names labeled witty? I do see why it could be good for a CH though!, I do feel one benefit is on the contests where the type is not specific and could constitute a variety of names.

I suppose if its labeled witty the ch might look a little longer to see why its witty lol


While I can see some usefulness for the CH, I think there are too many categories and some names really can be in more than one category. Chic and elegant are pretty much the same thing and punny is usually witty as well. Perhaps the list can be narrowed to make sorting easier for creatives and clients? Clever (witty, punny, whimsical) Serious (traditional, classic, powerful) and Abstract. You get the idea. Similarly you might want to just break them down into “what you asked for” and “what you didn’t” :smile:


@LuckyDuck, Good feedback, We will improve the categorization of the labels along the lines you have suggested.