Name Ideas section

The name idea section for new (or potential) contest holders:

Now that the majority of names on SH have lifestyle images, can we now remove the previous winning entries?

  1. They are deceptive - New Door was actually
  2. We risk a CH falling in love with one of those names and they can’t get passed that.
  3. Why are we promoting them? Surely we should be promoting names that are actually available to the CH?

Beyond true. I’ve explained this to many, many contest holders in the comments section of my entries in the past.
“See the name I liked? Can you get me something like Aura?”
It almost makes me feel like a bad guy to be like oh… honey… no way in your wildest dreams are you getting that for 100 dollars :joy:


@AbleBrands Thanks for the feedback.

We continue to do ongoing A/B testing on the Name Ideas page to determine what works best. While we do showcase premium domains for sale in this section, the current mix provides the most optimal results. All ideas shown are clickable and take the person to the actual contest which shows the Company Name, as well as the domain name that was selected as winner. Please note that many of our customers are looking for a great company or brand name, and are open to minor variations in their domain names.

We closely monitor our customer feedback and overwhelming majority of our customers have a very positive contest experience, which is reflected in our platform reviews. If we hear from our customers that they felt misled in any way, we will certainly make additional changes.

We will continue to test this page, and will make additional updates based upon the mix that works the best. This is an important page which serves many goals, one of which is to promote premium domains.

In addition, we are working on several videos and additional content that will provide additional clarity to potential contest holders about the types of domains they can receive in their contests.