Name Idea Help for YouTube Video


Squadhelp is developing a YouTube series on the naming basics.

We are looking for some help in developing name examples for one of our videos.

In this video we will use a hypothetical seafood restaurant to help viewers gain a deeper understanding of introductory naming and branding concepts.

We are looking for these styles of name ideas for a seafood restaurant:

  • Classic name ideas
  • Modern name ideas
  • Fun name ideas
  • Pragmatic (descriptive) name ideas
  • Emotionally powerful name ideas

Review name styles

We are looking for these types of names for this specific brand: We are opening a unique, hip, seafood restaurant. The decor will be minimalist. The food will be top-notch, but the ambiance will be more casual.

  • Abstract name ideas
  • Compound name ideas
  • Phrase name ideas
  • Metaphoric name ideas
  • This & That name ideas
  • Other types of name ideas

Review name types

Names will be used in a video format that is accessible publicly. Name ideas will not be attributed to the creator within the video, but we will let you know if your name is included :slight_smile:

It would be most helpful if you label your name ideas as per the above categories.

We appreciate your help!


Great idea, Grant! :sunglasses:

Are you asking us to submit name ideas, or are you letting us know that you might be using one (or more) of our names that have been previously submitted to similar projects? :thinking:


I have a couple marketplace names, does that work?


I don’t really understand. Are you asking us to submit name ideas for the purpose of training new Creatives? Why not use past winning entries, or marketplace names? It seems a little odd to request original ideas, when there is no compensation and the name won’t be attributed to us.


@ALDaisy1 and @Commulinks have inspired this in my mind,

Here’s an idea … start one of the marketplace style contests like we were having at one time. Allow people to enter via a contest. Instead of ‘pay’ as initiative … multiple winners will be chosen and those that are chosen have their names submitted into the marketplace as SH owned names instead at an agreed upon percentage that’s declared in the contest brief. This way the identity/names of the individual creatives do not need to be publicized in the video, but the name suggestions chosen will be up for sale and the video will not only advertise SH but advertise the marketplace as well as those names. Not only that but the potential sales of those names also benefit the creatives as well as SH in the end. So it’s a win all the way around for everyone.


We are not looking for original names that you would otherwise submit to contests. The purpose was to co-create the training content by using existing names (either from the winning section or marketplace) or any fictitious names that might be appropriate. We wanted to bring in some of the expertise of our creative community in developing this content. However we have noted the feedback. We will be closing this post, and will work on producing the content internally.