Name description

Hello! Is there a format for describing a name you wish to submit?

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A format? What do you mean? You should explain the idea behind it. Sometimes its so self explanatory though…no need for further explanations

Whether someone considers it self-explanatory or not, does not mean it’s self explanatory to everyone. Perceptions can be a big thing, psychology can be a big thing, so can construction, the way something looks, the way it sounds, the images that may be brought to mind. This is why there are descriptions – nothing is ever just a name and better understanding WITHOUT these things never hurts. So descriptions can be important. The format is really dependent upon you, you’re the one that came up with the idea … so explain your creative process, why the name fits, and how it fits to what you have chosen to capture from what the CH is looking for. Describe the type of name it is, how you came to the idea, why this idea fits what the CH is looking for, the ways in which the name could be used and/or pronounced, how perception may be of the name, the kind of traits or characteristics the name can convey to customers or intended audience, and other such things. Think of it this way … you are marketing your idea. You are selling your idea to the CH. You want the CH to know and understand what they can about the name to make the best informed decision. Explain how it can benefit them. SELL it. They are, after all, wanting to BUY the idea from you – assuming you win, right? So discuss all of the positives and your creative process and show them what the name could mean for them and their brand/product/company/idea. From there, it’s just up to you. Your description is your argument as to why you have chosen to submit the name at all. It’s your chance for your voice and your idea to be heard and hopefully benefit the CH in making the best decision from all that they have to choose from.


Sure, I agree to a certain point. The thing is, imagine a CH is asking a name for a medical CBD brand… IF I submit “Sage leaf” or “PureCure”, I ( speaking for myself) not always “explain” the meaning of those names. I dont think, in those cases, their perception should be underestimated.
Anyway, my point of view. Everyone’s entitled to their own. :surfing_woman: