Name and Tagline all in one

Can you re-visit this combo idea. It is terrible. (I know there was a topic before but couldn’t locate it).
It is way too hard to focus two ways. Also when they rate, we don’t know what they are rating, the name or the tagline. And again, the argument of what if they like a name and a different tagline. A name should be established first, then focusing on a tagline is secondary. It’s easier to focus on one aspect at a time.


Agreed! I remember one comp, I put no effort into the tagline, but I liked the company name. Anyway it was highly rated. Then I was thinking “cr*p!” my tagline sucks so bad, and somehow it ended up one of three top entries, but needless to say I didn’t win. I take a lot longer to come up with taglines.

Another competition, however the CH messaged me to say he loved my tagline, and but wasn’t in love with the name. Of course, there seems to be no prize splitting in these specific competitions, so how do you know they don’t go ahead and use your tagline, while picking someone elses domain/name.


Couldn’t have said it better ) Just split her offering and it should be name first 100 bucks then tag contest 100 buck, having the name makes tagging easier


@Dan - can you contact the CH of the new contest and see if they can do the name first, then start a tag contest a day after choosing name?


I absolutely agree with Jackie. This is too confusing.


In case of Name & Tagline contest, we give the option to CH to split the reward if they want to go with two different entries (one for name and other for tagline). We will contact the CH to make sure they are aware of this option. We will revisit this contest type in future with few additional updates to minimize any confusion.


That was my post on the contest page too.I decided after getting 2’s from them to just withdraw and forget it.Good luck you guys!