My SH Wholesale Marketplace experience so far, along with suggestions for making the buying experience a lot better for new buyers

Hello, I have been here at SH for probably 4/5 months now and I have only used SH Wholesale Marketplace once in the past. I have just used it 4x this week and have a couple suggestions to make it better.

My first experience a few months back kinda sucked.I bought a name and later found out it was a domain name that SH owned. That really didn’t matter to me because I really don’t care who was the previous owner of a domain name as long as they didn’t spam the heck out of it. I just wanted it in my account and tried to figure out how to get it into my preferred registrar account along with all of my other domain names. Easy right? Nope.

The one thing I learned from that experience was that I will never own that domain name. I couldn’t believe it. Basically I own a fraction of the domain name and SH will always truly own the domain name. Ok, so I contacted Cust Support chat and they informed me that it is a SH name and I can only ever get a fraction of the sale, etc. That sounded weird as hell to me. So basically it is a fractional ownership deal. They gave me the option to get reimbursed and cancel that sale if I wanted to. I chose not to cancel the deal and play this weird transaction out. No bites as of yet but I am still hopeful. We shall see.

I just looked up another SH owned domain specifically to see if anything changed at all in the warnings or messaging previous to checkout and I see nothing changed here. I looked at and was hoping for some sort of warning and did not see one.

So here is my suggestion for SH to warn buyers who are buying a SH owned name. I think there should be a pop-up saying something like, “This is a SH owned domain name and that means you will never own it yourself. This is a fractional ownership deal and SH maintains full control over this domain name forever, etc”

I stayed away from the Wholesale Marketplace for a few months and just started playing with it again this week. Now that I know about the SH owned domain names, I am making sure I stay away from those so that is a lesson learned accidentally for me.

I bought a domain a few days ago from a SH seller and he kept messaging me and telling me to go to my transfer center and update the previous action. Well, the SH email that came to me gives me the specific link to my “transfer center” is the wrong link. The link that the SH email gives me is the link to my transfer center where it only shows me the domains I have sold thru SH to end users. I later found out that the transfer center I needed to go to was a different transfer center under the Wholesale heading in the left sidebar and that link is titled “Wholesale Transfer Center”.

So here is another suggestion to help us thru the SH Wholesale Marketplace process here as we are just starting out. When sending that email to us (buyers) and adding the link to the Transfer Center, please make the link, is actually the “Wholesale Transfer Center” because that is where all of the transfer/auth code info is at. Otherwise noob buyers like myself will only use the message center to try to accept our new domains as I did or go th the main Transfer Center and will find no purchases, only sales.

All in all now that I sort of know what I am doing, it is a great option and I have purchased 3 more names here today. I believe I would have purchased quite a bit more months back if things went a little smoother overall though.

Just a few bits of advice. I am still a huge fan of SH but just figured I would take 15 minutes out of my day here to hopefully help SH and other noob buyers to not have to have a sour taste in their first couple purchase transactions like I did.