My premium names are not listed on Sedo, no response from support since August

I first raised the issue with customer support in August. Checked a few times with them since, and sadly no progress or updates.

When I get a name approved for premium on SH, I delete it from all other marketplaces, including Sedo, in order to comply with SH terms and policies in regards to exclusivity of offers. I expect in return that they will list the name on Sedo from their own account. Problem is that this never happened for some of my names. In August I gave them a list of 9 names that were not listed on Sedo. Nothing happened! Since then the list increased to probably more than 30 names. Even the first ones haven’t been added yet. Notable examples are and I had them listed on Sedo before. Because of Squadhelp they haven’t been listed on there for more than 2 months now.

Listing names on Sedo should be an automated process. Me and every other seller on SH expects that their names are automatically listed there by SH once deleted from our own accounts. And we believe they are. But not all of them are actually listed.

I advice every seller to check their portfolios name by name and see how many of them are actually listed on Sedo. Because this can directly affect their sales.

If I message support, the reply is always the same - “We will check with the team and will let you know”. I am sure that nobody even looked into it since August.

I am really exhausted of having to deal with Squadhelp on a daily basis. What’s more annoying is that even once you notify them about a problem you have they just don’t do anything to solve it. I have some great patience, but this here is turning into a joke.


I don’t have time to check SEDO for my names. I “ass” umed they were there. I will say that nobody should have to feel tired of squawking, to be honest.

So many things on my mind these days…


We use an API to sync our listings with Sedo on a daily basis. While this solution works well for majority of the listings, unfortunately Sedo can decide to not list certain domains on their platform. Typically, here are the reasons why Sedo may not accept a name:

  1. It was previously listed on Sedo by another seller (even if the listing is currently inactive)
  2. There are certain Trademark integrity issues specific to the domain or the name includes certain keywords that are not allowed by Sedo

In these situations we have limited recourse. We do periodic integrity checks and if we find that a domain was not listed on Sedo, we display that in your Marketplace Listings section (under Sedo Sync Failed filter). You have the option to retry the sync by clicking “Retry Sedo Sync” next to the listing. Some sellers have had success by contacting Sedo and asking them to remove the prior listing by providing proof of ownership.

Grant, does SH contract SEDO directly on SH registered names?

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Yes, if a SH registered domain was not accepted by Sedo, we contact them. However there is still a possibility that a small percentage of those domains may not be accepted

  1. I just discovered, thanks to OP, that despite checking Retry Sedo Sync, some names stay unlisted on Sedo. The name disappears from Retry Sedo Sync but stays unlisted on Sedo.
  2. If there’s TM/TOS issues, it should be indicated in the Retry Sedo Sync tab. One of your competitors is already doing this.
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