My Entries Page

We are happy to announce a new page that should allow you to better organize your entries. The link to this page can be found on the left section of My Account page. I am including the shortcut here:

You will be able to sort your entries by different Niches (for example, Agency, eCommerce, Real Estate etc). You will also be able to filter by CH’s top choices (Entries that received Love it or Like It ratings). Most importantly, you can add your favorite entries to “Your Favorites” by clicking on the :heart: icon. This way, when you have to refer to your list of your favorite entries, you can just filter them using the drop down on top.

Note, we only display 250 entries at a time, so that the page can load without too much delay.


Thanks, it’s awesome!

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:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ this!!! The layout is awesome!!! I have to say seeing all my high rated entries on display like that makes me proud of my work here!! Even tho they clearly haven’t been winning names…yet :wink:

Thanks SH this will be so helpful!! :slight_smile:


Wow, thank you! And holy cow, I had some pretty good names that I had totally forgotten about !


Can we get a link to the my entries page on the contest or submit entry pages, please?

It would be helpful to be able to click on an entry and go to the contest page for the contest it was entered in.

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Bringing this thread back to life. How do I unfavorite an entry of mine that I made a favorite? I don’t see anyway to do that.

@Gerkin I don’t believe that you can remove your entry from being marked as “best Entry”. When you tag it, there is a pop up screen that asks you if your sure. I think once you hit OK…its done.

Not best entry, when you mark an entry a favorite on your own entries list. When you click the heart?

Haha well that’s an interesting typo…but yes, I agree…we should be able to remove favorites. (figured I’d add something constructive :wink:)

Sorry I wasn’t more clear. That is something I’m good at. As opposed to coming up with interesting names for things. :open_mouth: