My entries are gone

@Dan I had submitted a few entries in the dating website contest and now they are completely gone… could you look into this please?

Did you notice that he canceled the old contest and started a new one? So if you entered your names in the original contest I think they’re gone. I mean, you could download them, but that’s why they’re gone, I think.

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I didn’t notice that… Hmm. Thank you Amanda.

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I knew I had submitted 2 entries in that!! I thought I was going crazy lol


Doesn’t make sense. The message for the first contest was this: SquadhelpAdmin
Squadhelp AdminContest Cancelled
We have cancelled this contest due to questions and concerns raised by few contestants and refunded full payment to the CH. So, now they have another one. Of course I was doing well in the first one so hopefully when I try to resubmit they aren’t already entered there. Ugggg :worried:

There were some concerns about the nature of the business so we had cancelled the original contest. The CH later contacted us and addressed the concerns and we allowed them to relaunch the contest. If you are not able to submit any names that you had previously submitted, please let us know and we will try to resolve the issue.