My dad was diagnosed with cancer. What to do?


My dad was diagnosed today with big colon cancer and I’ve posted in the latest contest discussion section, asking for donations.

lightless told me that there is not the right place to ask for that, and I agree with him, but I’m desperate and I don’t know what to do.

He suggest me some sites for crowd fund rasing, but I’ve checked those sites and doesn’t accept my country (Romania).

What to do? We need money for further investigations and surgery.

PS: thanks to auntshommy for telling me about forums. I didn’t see it. My eyes are swollen from crying.


Alexandru, I am so very sorry for your father’s plight. I am sure most of us here can feel your pain and fear. I do not know much about your country or what is available to you, you definitely need to google for as much information as you can. One thing about that type of cancer is that it is very slow moving. There is very high hope for your dad.
My prayers will be with you and yours and I hope you can find some help.


Thank you very much Lorin for your support.

Alex…so sorry to hear of your father’s diagnosis. My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 68 and came through just fine with no lasting side effects. I’m sure you are panicked and overwhelmed with what to do. Information is a good start…read all you can on the subject and get second opinions before any surgery. Try to maintain a positive spirit and transfer that to your father.


Thank you Tulsa. Isn’t the first time when you’re a nice person. I remember that after I won a contest here, you’ve sent me a message and congrats me. Also I know you from (That was a nice place too!).

I’m glad that your mom was fine after having to deal with the same disease.

I’m panicked because of what I’ve heard the doctor told my mom. She took her separately and said that the situation isn’t good at all, because the tumour almost covered all his colon. My dad barely can go to bathroom and I know he is in pain. He is now at home.

I’m also panicked because of the money. Yesterday he did the colonoscopy, and that one was free (insurance), but the anesthesia was something like ~ 100$, and we didn’t had the money for that, so he did it without it.

We paid ~ 50$ for biopsy, but was painful without anesthesia, and the doctor wrote in the discharge note that couldn’t complete the biopsy properly / entirely because my dad moved due to pain, and bleeded.

You can see that paper on my blog, but it is in romanian language:

Now he needs to make a tomography and after that surgery.

Those money maybe doesn’t look big, but when you don’t have them…

And the insurance doesn’t cover all the cost. And we are in Romania, and you can’t move anything without “supplementary” money.

And that’s why I can’t be positive. I feel very sad. I don’t wanna lose him… I love him so much…

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I have three family members (including my child) who are cancer survivors, so I well know the stress and fear surrounding the experience. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Sending good thoughts, and I hope you can find a Romania-friendly website to help you raise the funds you need.


I cannot imagine having that done w/out anesthesia. My heart goes out to all of you.


@Alex27, I am very sorry to hear about your father. Sending my best wishes and prayers to you and your family.

I have moved this discussion to the off topic category - hope you don’t see this as being insensitive, its just so that we can keep the other categories focused on Squadhelp related topics.

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I’m very happy that I’ve won a contest today. I struggle to do that since I’ve heard that my father is ill.

Some new info about my father:

He did two surgeries until now. The tumour was big like two fists together.

He is in hospital now, but he talks and it’s “good” thinking the situation he has been through.

At tomography we found out that he has something small at his right lung too, but the big problem it was with his colon.

Unfortunately his cancer is malign, so, after he will regain a little bit his strength, we should go to the oncologists so he can do chemotherapy to prevent the cancer spreading and to see what’s the problem with his right lung.

Until now, I’ve recived help (I mean money) only on an IT security forum from my country, where I have an old account.

I want to say thank you to all the persons above, for your kind words.

I want to say thanks to Sarah, the only person from here which sent me an e-mail to try to help me with some positive thinking. She said that she is part of a distance healers group, and she will try to help my father, for free. As long those positive thoughts were free, they are welcome.


Thank you for updating us on his conditon hon, I was wondering how things were going.
Continued prayers for you and your family. :purple_heart:


New infos about my father:

He is fine after the colon cancer surgery, even if now he is doing the chemotherapy. I help him with a lot of fruit juice (aloe vera, blackberries, citrus fruits and so on - a lot of vitamin C) plus some alternative medicine against cancer, like alkaline water and apricot kernels.

But the big problem now is that he needs to make a new surgery, at his right lung, to remove the cancer from there too. Tomorrow we will go to the hospital, and I think thursday he will do the surgery.

My father recorded today a little song for those guys, from a romanian security forum, who helped him with money and even with the classic guitar he has in the video, and I’ve uploaded the video some moment ago to YouTube.

He did 8 years of music school when he was young. He made my mom to fall in love with him, when they were young, singing to her at his violin. When he was young he was a rocker too, singing at his electric guitar.

You can see the video here:

You can see an older pic with me here too:

I hope you’ll think at him, at our family, so we can keep fighting with this horrible disease.

We need your positive thoughts for him, to help him pass this important step too.

Thank you!

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@Alex27, enjoyed the video. Glad to hear he’s doing better. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way!

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Alex27…so happy to hear things are going as well as can be expected. I like the alternative medicine side to this–I believe there is something to it. We will keep your family in our thoughts, and please continue to update us. The video was so sweet… I could not get the picture to work though.


All positive thoughts for you and your family.


Alex, ty for sharing that precious video. I bet your dad is just a wonderful man. I also agree with Kim, there is much to be said for the alternative medicine in helping modern medicine defeat this. I was just reading about some stuff the other day that Europeans are doing more and more , with the connection of oxygen and cancer.

I will continue to send you lots of prayers and good energy , don’t forget to take care of you!


@Tammy Thank you very much! I also know you from Google’s prizes :smile:

@TulsaKim I will continue to update about my father’s condition.

@jackieheraty Thank you for your positive thoughts.

@LorinRyle That’s the best article about cancer I’ve ever read! Thank you.

Some things that I knew from that article: I knew Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner, and that he said that cancer can’t survive in an alkaline medium.

That’s why I bought an alkaline water machine. Not those thousands of dollars one, but a cheaper one, made by a romanian engineer. I’ve paid on it ~100$. That included a pH-meter + transport.

Regular water has 6-7 pH. In 10 minutes, with this machine you’ll get water pH ~10,5 depending of what water you use.

See the machine here:

You’ll get an internat alkaline medium not only using water, but fruits, vegetables.

I also knew that hydrogen peroxide destroys cancer. You’ll get high dose of hydrogen peroxide made by your body, using injectable vitamin C. There are old studies about injectable vitamin C and it’s role against cancer. Also, I saw some years ago a case of an american woman (Kacee DeMasi) healed by high doses of injectable vitamine C. Injectable, because that one is powerful enough to stimulate production of hydrogen peroxide, which is toxic for cancer cells, but good for normal cells.

The problem with injectable vitamin C is that you need high doses, and it’s very expensive.

A guy from my country gave me injectable vitamin C, for one month, worthing ~170$. The problem is that romanian doctors doesn’t accept alternative cancer treatments, and I don’t know how to make intravenous injections.

I would try also to use cannabis oil to treat his cancer, but this isn’t only very expensive, but illegal in my country, unlike USA.

I didn’t know about Oxy E and other good things to oxygenate cells. Oxy E it costs 31,38$ on Amazon.

I would try a lot of things to cure his cancer, if I had money, but I’ve managed to raise until now about 2200$ and we’ve spent until now 1750$. We need the rest of the money for this surgery, and if it will remain some after that, I will continue to buy him anti-cancer medicines.

News about my father: he can’t do tomorrow the surgery, because his effort capacity it’s very low and the doctor said that it’s a big surgery risk, and he doesn’t want to take it.

So, for now, my father it’s hospital, doing treadmill workouts to improve his effort capacity.

If he can’t improve this, the surgery will be canceled and he will be force to do radiotherapy. He already does chemotherapy, so this one plus radiotherapy will affect his health even more.

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@Alex27 I’m so sorry about what you, your father and the rest of the family are going through. Is there news about your father?


Hello @LauraE and thank you for asking about my father.

He did the right lung surgery too, after the colon surgery.

After that, he did 25 radiotherapy sessions, for his colon, so cancer won’t spread.

He was first scheduled for 10 chimeoterapy sessions, but he did only 5, because at the beginning of this month, the oncologist doctor told us that she thinks he is good, and he doesn’t need anymore chimeoterapy or cytostatics. She gave him cytostatics (Capecitabina Glenmark) only for two more weeks and that’s all.

I am happy that he will finish with all these powerful anti-cancer meds, because they make him feel very bad.

Now he needs to do a MRI, because he has some problems with some liquid at his colon surgery and doctors don’t know why. Don’t know when he will do it, because I’ve tried a lot to find a place (hospital) to make the MRI on his insurance, but couldn’t find one available for now.

Well, this isn’t a very big problem, so for now he is good, and that is all that matters.

I want to say a big thank you to @LorinsEggshells for pointing me out that article about cancer fight strategies, where I’ve learned about Oxy E, a supplement for cellular oxygenation.

I bought him a pack of five Oxy E, with the help of @TulsaKim, because Amazon dot com doesn’t ship to my country, and I couldn’t find it in Europe. I’ve paid for it, and Kim paid for the shipment, so thank you very much, dear Kim, for your help.

I want to say a big thank you to some other person around, who helped me. That person want to remain anonymous, so I respect her wish, but this doesn’t mean I forgot her.

Thanks to all of you who asked about him / pray for him.


Ty for the update sweetie. Continued prayers for you and your family.
It’s so great to hear there is still kindness and love in this world :rainbow:


Hi Alex. I’m glad to hear your dad is doing better now. I pray that God will bless you and restore your dad to good health so that he can be with you for a very long time. I wish I could do more to help. God bless you all.