Multiple winners


One of the CH’s canned message choices is something like “I like your direction, please submit more along these lines.”


More along these lines can mean minor variations but it can also mean following the same thought process. I choose to go the latter route than the former 98% of the time. It’s just me, though. Because I worry that if it’s too similar that the ch may think, " well I could have done that" but what they can’t do is use your brain to follow the same thought process to come up with more creative names that could fall into the same category and be “long the same line” but not be “minor variations”.

Then again, that could be why I don’t win often too, so who knows.


“I like your direction, please submit more along these lines” is a standard clcik the box response that they can choose from. Ive gotten those mostly for OTRT entries. Unless they have actually written their own comment asking me to resend a entry with a change, I dont do variations. Wiith one exception… This AND That entries.
Such as FlowersAndBees & BeesandFlowers.