Multiple User Accounts

Although it is stated in our Terms of Service, I would like to reiterate our policy on this matter. One individual can not create or operate multiple accounts on Squadhelp, using different email addresses. We have begun enforcing this, and as a result have taken the action to suspend several accounts today that were found to be in clear violation of this policy.

In other cases where we see unusual pattern of activity, we have requested some additional information from users. If any user has unknowingly created multiple accounts in the past, please inform us immediately so that we can close the other account. If we find evidence of violation of this policy, it will lead to immediate account suspension, without any warning.

Our goal is to ensure Squadhelp operates as a fair platform, and I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation in this matter.


Yes I got an email earlier Dan about unusual activity? it was asking for personal info so I messaged admin to make sure it wasn’t scam mail. fishing for info (it’s not) but I believe I resolved any issues with matt, but if you do feel you need more complete info from me I will be than happy to send that your way. This is my second home and I don’t wanna be homeless)


@seezall , correct. We have sent this request to about 120 users today where we saw another account using the same IP addresss. Some of these issues can be purely coincidental where two users from the same general geographical area are using the same ISP and might get assigned the same IP addresss at different times.

In your case, no further action is required. Thank you for following up.

Was just thinking too I clean for the neighbor across the street and have mentioned the site multiple times to her), Also thought of the possibility because I do hit refresh often! As well as use my phone to keep up when I step outside and use my tablet while watching tv , bedtime etc…

@Dan, I have given my justification at, though I haven’t received any email.

Thanks @mauryamannsingh,

Received your info. Thanks for the proactive follow-up.

@Dan Today was another hurricane of 1* ratings in this contest:
Very unlikely that 327 entries were not related to the brief… I thought maybe it would be a good idea to create a reminder for CH’s? Every time when a CH chooses to rate entry 1* a friendly reminder pops up stating that 1* rating is for entries that wasn’t related to the the brief.

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@EliCreative, this reminder is already in place. Every time, the CH chooses 1 star, they get a popup, telling them that 1 star rating should only be given if the entry did not follow the brief. It even asks, another confirmation (Are you sure you want to proceed?) before this rating is actually recorded.

I did not know that, that’s great, thank you. I guess the CH was just in a bad mood then, no way to prevent that :slight_smile:

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