Multiple User Accounts - Warning

Our Terms of Service prohibit a user to maintain multiple accounts at Squadhelp. We had recently added additional mechanisms to detect duplicate accounts and have identified several accounts which violate this policy. We are offering a final opportunity for users to voluntarily disclose this information so that they can keep one account active, and close the other accounts. However, if we do not receive such information within next 48 hours, we plan to permanently suspend all accounts that are found to be in violation. Any duplicate accounts can be reported via email to If the accounts are held by different members of household, please report that information as well.


@dan I think announcements as important and as urgent as this one should be emailed to users who have been active the past 6 months, at the very least.


@Front,its already planned.


Not sure I understand, so you want us to report if we have family members on SH with their own accounts?

If multiple users (e.g family members or friends) share the same computer, tablet or phone to login to different accounts on Squadhelp, we would need that information.

If they all use separate devices to login to Squadhelp, then we do not need this information.

Oh okay, gotcha. Thanks.

@dan. .so using my tablet and my PC isn’t in violation right? As long as it’s solely my account? Just want to be clear. Thank you.

I hope not. I enter a lot from libraries, etc.

@Marye5, Dan meant when entering different accounts from the same device

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I think he is speaking to people who have set up multiple accounts under other names/identities to try to get an advantage.
Not if you for your one account may use different devices to participate.


Correct. It is absolutely ok to use multiple devices to login to one account.

Based on what has been described, I should be ok…no family members or friends signed up…& I am the only one to use my PC & cellphone to sign-in to SH…so I shouldn’t have anything to report to SH regarding this. I hope I have translated this correctly. No duplicate accounts either. :smile: Please let me know if any translation of this is incorrect.

Ok, gotcha. .thx. One question though. When you say restrictive awards to family and friends, does that pertain to ch’s and creatives? Not sure I get that part?

I only use my own account (LuckyDuck) but I do use multiple devices depending on where I am at. I do have a son that does not live with me or in my state but he does have his own account with Squadhelp. When he visits (which is only once or twice a year) is he not allowed to login to his account from my PC?

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I only have one account miyvex58 that I use to login to SH from my laptop or from my IPhone. I hope, that’s alright, My husband doesn’t use my laptop. He has his own laptop that he uses.

@Marye5, are you referring to the changes in Terms of Service? Our Terms prohibit CH to award a contest to their friend, family member or acquaintance. We have added some more language to further clarify this policy.

@LuckyDuck, it is better to report this information to us so we can keep it in our records. This way, if your account gets flagged, we will find the information in our notes.

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@miyvex58, yes that would be fine.

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Yes @dan…that is what I was unclear on. Thank you, I will keep track of added updates.

@Dan Do you have any further check that you would do if some one does report multiple “active” users in one household?
Yes I understand there are legit circumstances.