Multiple SquadHelp Accounts

I came across this 2016 info about an individual not permitted to create or operate multiple accounts on Squadhelp, using different email addresses.

Please, is this policy still enforced? I’m asking because I managed multiple SquadHelp accounts for my family members on a single PC and IP address, and I’m disturbed we may be shot out of SquadHelp soon.

What is the true position of things in 2023 concerning keeping multiple SquadHelp accounts?

I’m not sure that it would apply to multiple people using the same computer. It was originally meant for one person, opening multiple accounts to gain an advantage over the amount of submmissions one can enter to a contest. Not sure if that makes sense to you.
However, I would contact Admin just to be on the safe side.


Thanks, @LisaMac. The three SquadHelp accounts belong to three different people with their different names/IDs. However, the accounts are all logged in on separate browsers on a single device/IP address. I would so appreciate if you can get across to Admin for SquadHelp position on this.

Did you try contacting them and asking via the “Blue Icon button” at the bottom of the right hand side of the screen.