Multiple Extensions issue

@Dan I’m finding it a bit confusing when contests allow a few extensions to be entered. Do CHs want all of these extensions available? One of them? Based on some past feedback, I think it differs. Some want both the .org and .com, for example, and some are willing to accept one of them. So it might be better to give CHs the ability to define what exactly they want extension-wise. Thanks for the consideration. :slight_smile:


p.s. Just to illustrate with a recent example that presents the problem from another angle- I submitted a domain in a contest where the only extension that creatives could suggest was The CH commented that he likes it but that unfortunately the .com is taken. As a creative I had to be a mind reader to figure out the .com had to be available too since the only extension that was available to suggest was So I think it would be helpful to rethink the way the extension choice is presented to CHs. Thanks.


Im sure they would find another way to confuse the issue lol- It amazes me that most contests are not clear and can be read in many different ways

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Thanks @moretal. We can see how this could be misleading, and will look into how to make it more clear. In most cases the CHs are looking for the name to be available in one of the preferred extensions, but in the example you described, looks like that wasn’t the case.

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well at least they told you , most were in the dark about it I suppose

@Jose, thanks for the post. Although it would also help to include some constructive suggestions along with the observations.


Thanks, @Dan. A few times in the past I suggested something in .net/.org/.io/.whatever because it was an option and then the CH remarked that the .com isn’t available. So yeah, I think giving CHs the option to define exactly what they want could eliminate this possible confusion. Thanks as usual! You’re killing it with your response times and all of these improvements. You deserve that drink, no matter what your wife says! :slight_smile:


I have and they were implemented :wink: dont worry I dont expect a bonus lol

@Dan, this might go well in our string/wiki “Tips for Contest holders”. I had an item in there about domains. Not this particular thing, but it might go well there.

Sometimes the CH will tell us that they want to make sure that several are available but you are so right about this issue. In fact, sometimes I think CHs are rejecting great names on contests when they allowed us to use one of several domains! I think they sometimes put a name “On the right track” because it’s not the .com! So glad you brought this up!

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