Multi Cultural fashion contest cancellation domain registration

@Dan Could you please check out the multi-cultural fashion contest that was just cancelled? This contest holder did things in a very weird way. He held a contest for the name. Then he awarded small bonuses until he could decide which of 4 names he was actually going to use based on a logo contest which is currently still running. The thing is, in the logo contest he had listed in the comments 4 different names (including mine) that he wanted artists to chose from. Those comments have now been deleted. Anyway, based on the winning logo, he would then award the winning name. I was awarded a 10 buck bonus for my 5 star entry of which was registered on October 9th. In the current logo contest, he said he decided on “Matille”. It’s strange to me that has yet to be registered. Also, though it is not my entry, if it was one of the 4 names from the naming contest and is in fact going to be used, then he should not have been allowed to cancel and get a refund on that contest. I think you might want to check that out. Thanks.


seemed like an odd way to pick a winner too, got 4 names and 4 logos all for one low,low,low price! Hope all involved find a way to be compensated.


We are looking into this contest. Adding @Janice to the thread.


Yes, I got $10 for them telling me they bought my domain also. I didn’t see that they ‘chose’ the Matille logo; and that wasn’t my entry.

We have looked into this. The contest holder picked a name that was not submitted to the naming contest. Therefore, they requested the original contest be cancelled.

Thanks Janice for checking . He sure made it seem like the 4 names came from the naming contest. I’m glad Mattille was just another name they thought of on their own. You have to wonder why he did it that way but stranger things have happened!

Hi Janice,

One of my submissions was registered on 10/15 by “BUZZNEWS ADMIN” @BUZZNEWSHK@GMAIL.COM. My submission was “Biibu”. Could you please check into this for me? Thank you…CPN


Forgot to add. According to Network Solutions (WHOIS) the name is available for purchase at $1000. I understand that this is a risk we cannot fully control. On to the next…

@CherryPopNames, this did not match the contest holder’s information. They also have sent an email to us saying they did not register any names in the contest.

This is not the first time I have run into this situation, where the CH denied registering names, yet the name was registered by someone shortly after the contest. I did not enter the name on any other web host .com search sites. The CH may very well not have registered the name, but there must be a leak somewhere? Any ideas? Thanks…

@CherryPopNames, you may want to review our previous posts on issues when a domain name has been registered.

We are welcome to accept any ideas that will help improve our system protect your entries.

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Janice and Dan,

I do appreciate all that you do to protect our creative property, this is just an unfortunate part of the game…CPN

I know is a silly question for most, but what does registering a name actually mean? Obviously not domain buying right?

Yes @smj110, registering means buying the domain name.

Ok that is what I thought haha. Thanks LuckyDuck. So the CH told Janice they did not register names. I am guessing you got the same private message as I did.

Janice, I received an email from CH with $10 saying they bought my domain, because they wanted to run the logo contest first. I am guessing this was not a guaranteed contest then. I thought at least they were being honest telling me they bought my domain name entry. But it appears they are not being honest if they told you they didn’t register any names. It was a $150 contest too. They should have at least split it between the four entries. Are they suggesting that one of the four was their name?

In a nutshell (emphasis on nut…lol) they said that the one they chose in the logo contest was not one of the names from the naming contest. It was weird.

@SMJ110, the contest holder mentioned there were several entries they liked thus paid the bonus. However, like what we’ve mentioned in an earlier post they will not be using any of the entries as they came out with a name of their own.