More ways to earn points


Thanks! I got it now,appreciate ya for explaining the difference:)


Perhaps these 50 character descriptions could be saved in a way that would allow them to be submitted in future contests without typing them all out again. Something like when we click the “Instant Recommendations” tab we can add high rated entries from old contests with one click. Perhaps the descriptions can transcribe this way as well. I would love to see all our names available on that split screen actually, not just the ones the system thinks are a fit.


Has everyone been receiving points for rating marketplace logo’s? I have rated a few, but have not received any points yet. I did bb it.


My account is messed up so I am unable to navigate to where I could see whether or not I am receiving points. Sorry I couldn’t help.

@lushell - UPDATE - I got my account straightened out now and yes, I do see points added to my account from logo ratings.