More ways to earn points


We are pleased to announce several changes to the point system, allowing creatives to earn additional points.

  1. You will now earn 2 points per Logo for rating logos in Marketplace. (Up to 1000 logos per month)
  2. When you win a contest, you will now earn 300 points instead of 100 points
  3. Upon selling a domain, you will now earn 500 points (when the domain has been transferred to the buyer)
  4. You will now earn 1 point for each entry submitted to a contest, as long as the entry contains a meaningful description/ explanation (50 characters or more)
  5. If you receive a Love it rating, you will now earn 60 points instead of 30 points. If the contest is non guaranteed, you will receive 2X points (120 points)
  6. If you receive a Like it rating, you will now earn 40 points instead of 20 points. If the contest is non guaranteed, you will receive 2X points (80 points)
  7. If you receive a OTR rating, you will now earn 5 points instead of 3 points. If the contest is non guaranteed, you will receive 2X points (10 points)

We will continue to explore other ways to allow creatives to earn more points in our platform. These changes should be effective later today.


Awesome @grant! I was just thinking of opening up a topic on the very subject of Points!


Thank you SO MUCH for listening!!!
(I only wish I hadn’t already rated a ton of logos! But that’s ok!)



WOW! Thanks, SH Team. I was just weighing whether or not to boost some names. This will make it much less “painful.” :slight_smile:


I love SH! What makes your team wonderful! Let is a slight increase, but it is already progress. Ideally, I would like to equate the number of points to dollars. If a creative sells a domain for $ 1,500, then ideally it should get 1,500 points and so on. The larger the sale amount, the more both the creative and the team receive. Frankly, 500 points for one sold domain is very small, because super-boosting costs 2500 points. So, we need to sell at least 5 domains in order to promote one. And if you equate points to dollars, it will not be so difficult. These are just thoughts out loud, but I am infinitely grateful for what you are doing for us.


That is great news @grant …the only thing I see an issue with is:

You will now earn 1 point for each entry submitted to a contest, as long as the entry contains a meaningful description/ explanation (50 characters or more)

If self explanatory entries now all start to get 50 character blurbs just to get the point…won’t that irritate and/or inundate the already overwhelmed CH’s with the number of entries they receive?


@grant or someone? Are we rating our own logos or the logos for other names?


Superb update!!! 🥰 :clap::clap: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@Slogana – ALL logo’s— he said “Up to 1000 logos per month”


@grant this is cool but there should be a counter with how many letters we have to yet put into the description to reach 50.


I want to note that after the introduction of new rules for scoring, beginners will have more advantages, since they will immediately receive increased points. It makes sense to recount points for the entire stay on the site.


Folks, i got only 1 points for rating logos. Am i missing something as i should be getting 2 points for each rating Screenshot_20190804-113612__01|439x500


@grant Any feedback on this?


I agree with @jackieheraty. We are trying to avoid CH getting overwhelmed. IMHO if I need 50 words to describe a name, it’s not a name I would submit. Your asking the CH to do alot of reading and my fear is that the ratings will become less and less


This sentence is a description of 59 characters with spaces

It is characters, not words. So this is quite reasonable and those who do not want to do it for the points, don’t have to do it.


I’m totally confused. I thought characters were words explaining the meaning or the reason why you submitted the entry? Also I was thinking special characters are the symbols not words. Anyone else confused?


It’s not a matter of those who “don’t want to do it”. It’s a matter of CH’s NOW getting descriptions in ALL entries (even self explanatory ones) that are completely un-necessary. They are already over-whelmed with the number of entries they get, now they would have to read the comments on all entries on top of that?


One feedback that we hear consistently from CHs is that they prefer to see some explanations/ description along with names that are submitted to the contests. In fact, we have analyzed the winning names from over 20,000 contests, and we find that names that include a description win significantly more often compared to names that do not include descriptions. We also find that names that include a description are much more likely to receive ratings than names that do not have any description.

We do not believe adding a short description (typically 1 short sentence) would overwhelm the CHs in any way. On the contrary it might help them better understand the thought process or context behind the name, and how it might be a good fit for their business.

Having said that, we will continue to monitor this. If this feature leads to any issues or misuse, we will certainly revisit it.

Just for clarification, It is not 50 words, it’s 50 characters.


OK, I will add a description even for self explanatory entries then. Seems pointless for the CH, but I guess it gains points for me.


Mary, characters are the number of letters in a word or sentence. So my example above your comment is a sentence that contains 59 characters including the spaces between words.

Now, I will say that since we do not have a character counter for the text box, this will be a bit challenging and an extra step.