More unrated entries

I have seen some contests where a lot of the entries are not being rated at all. I saw one the other day close with 0 ratings out of all the entries.

Is there a bug or issue with the platform or are people really paying hundreds of dollars then for whatever reason not rating the entries?

Some contest holders just prefer not to rate individual entries. Sometimes they choose a winner without ever rating anything.


Thanks Daisy. I only asked incase there is an issue with the platform, but makes sense if this is a common thing.


Hi there, i fully agree with Dave, as my last 10 entries shows seen and had no ratings attached to it. I am not trying to stir anything but it kind of feels as if we are wasting our time just adding value and thoughtful names. To get no rating. So moral keeps going downer amd downer


Thanks you for letting us know @Danetjie1985, yeah it does feel like a waste of time.

@SquadhelpAdmin I think we need better incentive for CH to rate as many names as they can. Perhaps a discount or something if they rate the majority of entries.


I wouldn’t agree to a discount. A lot of us are already having issues with time and effort versus the payout to begin with. A lot of us would, thereby, agree with you that it is a lot of work and effort and ratings and such things would help. I don’t see a problem incentivizing it, but let’s not do it in the way that we may see even less. It’s been brought to attention before, the benefits that ratings and such would have but after years here, I’ve learned that it’s just something that happens. Many CHs don’t have time, have lives, don’t know how to work SH, don’t know the ins and outs on how the system works for or even against us (with ratings, points, the fact were not employees, etc), and/or etc. It ebbs and flows around here. You’ll have times where things will seem one way or another. My advice is, realize it comes with the territory. SH takes the position that CHs are the ones holding the contest and it’s their choice how to run the contest how they see fit. This isn’t wrong at all. But, I realize it doesn’t make it any easier. So, just know you’re in charge of you too. You may not be able to delegate all the little nuances of contests but you can choose where and how much time and effort you put in. It’s even been said to CHs in the help articles that the more interactive they are, the better results they will get. So some will do such, some won’t. Just take it as part of the territory and know you have a choice just as they have a choice on what they do. Doesn’t hurt anything to do your research, pay attention to rating, submit a couple names/logos/tags, and then wait to see what the outcome will be and then go from there.

Just keep head up. CHs sometimes find better ability to just let things go and just get a list and then pick from it than having to spend all the time of rating then changing ratings, and so on. I get it. It can be a lot of work. Same as what we do can be too. So both sides will choose the level of effort. It’s understandable on both sides. So don’t let it get to you. Just stay positive and think how good those ratings and commentary you do get will feel and use that to propel you on forward. Onward and upward! :smiley:


I was thinking about that recently. I can´t imagine being in the CH place. Normally a contest can sum up to 2000 entries and rating each one is a demanding task IMO. Number of entries increases with feedback (a recent contest ended with almost 4000) so I get it´s up to the CH to rate them or not.


I have loved SH. In the beginning it seemed like I was on fire with so many likes and loves. I have to admit every win took a heck of alot of entries, but that seemed to take a turn. More competition, fresh input , i understand. When God closes one door another window opens. That being said , when i decided to register domains, I naturally started with loves and likes. I then went to seen but unrated. I was shocked to see 3 domains I came up with registered. Two , if you had read their breif , saw my name would know … it was taken. No like, nor love, nor shortlist, simply seen and unrated. Why would I not even given the rating at the very least? I was told to register my best names for protection. I then registered 3 names submitted them and they were refused. Followed guidelines,limited competition n that market. The big Kick in the Pants was the same person registered two of my domains. Same info, same phone number etc… Two seperate contests, months apart… somebody has access to names ,And are from Arizona .

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@Anne If you can show that the CH and the registrant are the same…blue button admin for help.

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Looks like the support team provided you an update however you may not have seen it. The Arizona phone number and address you are referring to is for “Domains By Proxy” service. This just means that the domain includes Who Is privacy option. Any domains registered via GoDaddy with Who Is privacy show the same Arizona address and phone number.


Not Rated is a very sceptical phrase… does it mean that ch is not interested in it or that it has not been seen.
I think another category should be put in or the not rated be changed to: Seen an not rated!

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