More contests with no Loves & no Likes?


I’m noticing more and more contests (it seems) that are ending with no Loves, no Likes, maybe a few OTRT and sometimes over 1000 No Thank You (I’ve seen some over 1500 NTY). This seems fairly depressing for CH and creatives alike. So is this just a blip in the contest stats, or are there really more that are ending like this? I’ve been on SH less than a year, so don’t have much comparison material to work with.


I feel the same way. What boggles me is the CH is putting down money so you would think it would be in their best interests to work together to achieve a name. The whole thing seems fishy. Some CHs seem so aloof you wonder why they bothered to start a contest and how does this equate to having a successful business.


Starting to think some of these contests are inside made up fillers to boost up interest.


In the over 3 years I have been here, I have never seen SH do anything whatsoever that is dishonest. So I would say don’t worry about anything like that happening.

I think the answer is that CHs are much more overloaded than before because so many people joined SH and CHs are getting inundated.


I think that not everything is as it appears.


Care to elaborate on that? That can be taken so many ways.


I’m new in SQ and in this type of work, naming and selling domains. So, I’m reading about these objects to understant how they work. There are people who work on buying and selling domain names for decades. People who know the tricks of the trade, and know how make money with this work.
Many “normal” names already exist, and they are on sell, not live websites.
Then, this world of naming is bigger than what I see ie someone needs a name and a creative suggests it.


Another thing I am confused about, contests that ended a couple of months ago and not a peep on who won it. Like they never existed.


Depends on the type of contest. There may have not been a winner at all. Only guaranteed contests will have winners 99% of the time. But, even these have been cancelled in the past depending on situation and circumstance – this is really rare, though. Returning to the point, only guaranteed contests will usually be paid out to one or multiple winners at some point in time, and time can vary depending on factors as well.

So if you were in contests that weren’t guaranteed, and nothing has been announced … They may not ever be announced. This is the risk of non-guaranteed contests. If you follow a contest by adding it to your watchlist, this will make keeping track easier, especially if you use the create your own color coded tags. Once you watchlist a contest, you can go to you ‘my contests’ page and then click the tab that is for ‘watched contests’ and then you can sort by the drop-down and see current, pending, closed, and cancelled contests of the ones that you have previously added to your watchlist. This will better help you keep track and monitor of your contests.

Hope this helps!


Starting to think this website is a big .com mining site to flesh out any names left available to buy on the cheap for hopefully big paydays down the line.


Interesting comment. When I joined SH earlier in 2019, I spent some time researching some of the past winners to get a feel for a “winning submission”. At that time I found a few of the winners that went straight onto some of the major domain aftermarket sites, at end-user pricing. Nothing really SH can do about this as the contests are properly closed and awarded, but I try and avoid contests that look like they might end that way.


This has been brought up on another thread as well. I actually just commented on it.

I found for the most part SH is pretty legit, however recently there seems to be less CH interaction, low contest awards, more abandoned contests, and for myself I’ve had to report some domain registrations (I don’t know if others have had this last issue increase). This is something SH needs to look into and address any issues immediately.