Money Withdrawal

Dear friends,

I am pretty new here. First of all I would like to say that I am very glad to join our perfect international team and to work with you.
I have one very important issue and ask you to help me in its solution.

The point is that I am the resident of Ukraine. I had registered my PayPal account, but after that I found out that PayPal works in Ukraine for payments only. I mean that I can put on my PayPal account and I can perform payments. But I cannot withdraw money to my card in Ukraine. I cannot even receive money to my PayPal account. For example, in case I won a contest and “SquadHelp” sends money to my PayPal, the transaction will be canceled.

I am not sure how soon my country will start full cooperation with PayPal. At the moment there is only some light at the end of the tunnel, but no practical solutions from our National Bank.

So, there are several questions I have:

  1. Will I be able to receive money to some other pay services like “Skrill” or “WebMoney”?

  2. Will it be possible to use PayPal of some of my friends in EU? For example, my friend in Greece creates his personal PayPal account and when I want to withdraw money from SquadHelp I indicate his details.

I will be very happy to receive any comments or practical help you may give. Maybe you may propose some other solutions.

Thanks in advance!


Welcome @Bullet. Very good question that only @Dan can answer

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Thanks a lot, Laura. I see.

Since I am green here, can you suggest my next step. If I should contact @Dan directly or wait till he (or she) replies in my topic?

Many thanks!

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I’m wondering if it would be possible to create a paypal just of another origin and use it as you would a friends or something akin to what you suggested. Not sure if this is doable, practical, or even allowed. Hm. This is a very good question. Thank you for asking it for not only yourself but others that may come along too. As far as finding out the answer, you can either wait for @Dan or you can contact SH via that little blue contact button and someone will most likely help you. But, I’m sure @Dan will be checking in soon, he’s always lurking around, somewhere.


Welcome to Squadhelp. Unfortunately we currently only support Paypal for payouts. There are specific requirements related to Tax documentation etc, which means you may not be able to use Paypal from a different country. However, you can contact us at if you need further assistance with your specific situation.

You know, frankly speaking I see nothing illegal in such scheme. Let’s imagine it is not my friend, but my brother, who lives in Greece, or my grandma from Singapore=))
“SquadHelp” is some kind of work and my earnings are some kind of salary. So, theoretically I can transfer my salary to my grandma or to anyone else on Earth. I am not sure, but I think that “SquadHelp” to care about in this issue. It is just earnings transferring to legal PayPal account.

You are right, guys. This issue may be useful. I found out that PayPal stays away from some other countries as well. I am not sure about the list, but it really does. So, some members may suddenly face the same problem I did. And it will be a bit unfair.

Anyhow, I should wait for administration’s response. And I want to believe the decision will be positive. I have already checked it with European banks and with PayPal, and they don’t see any problems.

Thanks for your support, guys=)))


2 days have passed since I addressed official request to Till now there is no any reply or even receipt confirmation.
Is that normal practice, guys?

@Bullet, I know at times it’s taken awhile for SH to get back with me. Keep holding on!


Thanks @LauraE. You give great support.
I think it really so, and it takes them much time’ cause they really want to study the situation and to find right solution.